Annapolis motorcycle accident: Ginger Moreland Rosela death, obituary

Annapolis motorcycle accident: Ginger Moreland Rosela death happened May 23, 2020 after she was killed in a motorcycle accident in Annapolis.

Annapolis motorcycle accident: Ginger Moreland Rosela death, obituary

Please say a prayer for her family and friends as you read the tributes below:

My friend Ginger Moreland Rosela sent me this photo on April 26. Today she was killed in a motorcycle accident in Annapolis.

Ginger was a very special person. She really saved so many people with her constant work of getting people into recovery. She was so loving and caring to everyone. And never missed a chance to get involved to help kids.

We didn’t see each other often but we messaged each other frequently.

I just hope she knew how great I thought she was, and that knowing her made a difference in my life.

Rest in light and love, my sweet friend. 💕

Prayers for the rider (and his/her family/friends in the motorcycle accident in front of GoldLeaf in Annapolis.

With the 10 or so officers involved and the way it was taped off, it doesn’t look good.

Have to wonder why NONE of the officers were wearing masks of any kind. I mean, aren’t these the officers who would be called to enforce non mask wearing? Stay safe, folks!

Annapolis motorcycle accident: Ginger Moreland Rosela death, obituaryfuneral arrangement, any Gofundme page?

At this time, details about how the accident happened is not public. Ginger Moreland Rosela obituary is not available at this time. We will share updates when confirmed and released and as we learn more.

Our deepest condolences and sympathy during this difficult time. May her soul rest in perfect peace.

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3 thoughts on “Annapolis motorcycle accident: Ginger Moreland Rosela death, obituary”

  1. Ginger was the listening ear and guiding light when I needed help trying to guide my son into recovery from opioid addiction. she was my sounding board my cheerleader and shoulder to cry on when I felt noone would understand. We jad a few heart to hearts about heartbreak and how even though our losses were different how the pain was still devastating I know she was smiling ear to ear as Jake greeted her at heavens gate
    And I pray she finds a way to guide my son to sobriety from heaven.

  2. I lost a friend today and my heart is broken. Never has a single person made more of an impact in my life. She (I’m not comfortable in sharing name) spoke life and HOPE into me and left me feeling like everything was truly going to be okay. For the first time in a very long time I felt a little bit of peace. All I can do now is pray for her whole family, and the crazy number of families whose lives she’s helped as an advocate through MD Coalition for Families. The loss the community will feel will be insurmountable. I loved you from day 1 and will forever be grateful💔😭

  3. I am so very sorry. I can’t tell you how very much Ginger meant to me. She saved our lives. They’d better roll out the red carpet cause a great angel is coming home. Praying for peace, understanding and comfort in knowing she’s in our Father’s house and in great company. So often on my mind and forever in my heart.


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