Lt Col Allen West motorcycle accident outside WACO – what happened?

Lt Col Allen West motorcycle accident happened after he was hit by a car leaving a rally in Austin. He was riding his Harley.

Lt Col Allen West motorcycle accident outside WACO

A report online says he was badly injured, though a true confirmed state of his injury is yet to be released.

Please pray for the man I have the honored of knowing Lt. Col Allen West. Was leaving a rally, was struck on his Harley. He was badly injured.
I am asking for prayer for this PATRIOT 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Retired Lt Col Allen West wife, Angela, shared an update on Facebook 2 hours ago that she was  en route to the hospital.

Please pray for Allen West. He is in Emergency and his motorcycle has been hit outside of WACO. On my way to hospital now.

Prayers for Lt Col Allen West (Retired) He has been in a motorcycle accident. Apparently he, while on a motorcycle ride, was struck by a car outside of Waco, Texas. He is at the hospital now and being evaluated. I do not know the severity of injuries but do ask you join me in prayer. He is a Husband, Father, and an American Patriot…a wonderful man and is in need of our prayer!

Please pray for him.

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