Stephanie Telusme: How Youtube vlogger shot dead enroute to have fun

Stephanie Telusme – One of the two sisters shot dead in Miami. Here is how Youtube vlogger Stephanie was shot dead enroute to have fun for the night with sister Joanne Telusme.

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Stephanie and Joanna death has also raised many voices with the message that gun violence in America must stop.

Stephanie Telusme’s family wrote on their GoFundMe page:

“Gun violence must stop. Today our family lost two daughters, two sisters, two aunts, two cousins, two granddaughters, two nieces, and two friends.”

Stephanie Telusme: How Youtube vlogger was shot dead

Stephanie and Joanna Telusme were shot dead in a “drive-by shooting” along Northwest 19 Avenue and 60 Street in the Liberty City housing complex on April 14, 2018.

A cousin said the sisters were ‘en route to have fun for the night’ when they were killed.

Officers were called to the scene at around 1:30 a.m, two other people – a 30-year-old man, Robert Charles, and a 24-year-old woman, Jennifer Charles, were also wounded in the attack. They are both in stable condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

A sister of Steph and Joanna, Sonia Telusme, told WSVN:

“No one was expecting this. This wasn’t supposed to happen to them. I’m just trying not to be angry and just keep praying to God to not be angry. Heaven gained two beautiful angels, and they can be the most powerful angels in our lives.”

Stephanie Telusme was 27 years old. Her younger sister, Joanna Telusme was 23 years old. Stephanie had been working as a medical assistant and was a YouTube vlogger. While Joanna was a dental assistant who also had an interest in vlogging.

No motive has been made public for Stephanie and Joanna Telusme shooting. The police have arrested somebody who was found nearby in a car with an AK-47.

May their beautiful souls rest in perfect peace.


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