Nkunzi Uzalo: Masoja Msiza death hoax – Nkunzi Uzalo accident

Nkunzi Uzalo: Alleged reports online from 2019 about Masoja Msiza death hoax – Nkunzi Uzalo accident went viral. But none of it is true.

Nkunzi Uzalo- Masoja Msiza death lailasnews

There are alleged reports about Nkunzi from UZALO:

Read comments from Facebook fans:

  • From Elisa La Rato:

RIP to NKUNZI from UZALO….. He get accident Today😭😭😭😭😭

  • From Mabuurguur:

Nkunzi from Uzalo died this morning following an accident he was involved in on his way back from a fuel station.

Nkunzi Uzalo: Masoja Msiza death – Nkunzi Uzalo accident

But here is what we know – in reality, Uzalo’s actor Masoja Msiza was NOT involved in any accident.

Here is what actor Masoja ‘Nkunzi’ Msiza has to say about playing SA’s most loved villain:

Nkunzi is a man that behaves in a crazy manor. Despite what you think of him as a criminal, one of the things I love about him is that he loves his family. He does things out of love for his wife and daughter but doesn’t realise that his actions negatively affect them.

He’s obsessed with money and being powerful and doesn’t see the impact it has on the people he loves. Despite his flaws, people keep forgiving him, which is good because everyone needs forgiveness.

When people meet me in the streets they are afraid of me, but after some time they see that I’m a good guy.

I have a gift of making people smile. On TV I’m a beast, a dangerous man, but in person I describe myself as a plum. The fruit is attractive to look at and when you bite it, it’s sweet.

Someone also shared this on Facebook:

23 reasons I will never watch Uzalo:

  • 1. Zekhethelo looks older than her mom
  • 2. Even now Nkosinathi is not buried since they found his remains where he was laid by Mxolisi
  • 3. When Nkunzi went to that dessert with Mxolisi it took them about 38 hours to reach the final destination but the police just arrived there within 5 minutes
  • 4. Mangcobo was short 2 times and once knocked by a car but she is still surviving
  • 5. It took Mxolisi alone to dig up that hole to burry Nkosinathi in that bush but when the Cartapillar was digging up Nkosinathi it seems like the hole was dug by many gold mine workers as it was too wide
  • 6. Smangele was probably hungry and carrying a child but she overran the fully trained police officers
  • 7. I don’t know where GC and Thobile live
  • 8. Both Zweli and Smangele are working but they are failing to extend that “shoe box” house of them
  • 9. Zekhethelo is fluent in speaking Sesotho yet her parents are both Zulus. How is that possible?
  • 9. Smangele’s (buhle”s) child was born and after 3 days later he looked old enough to eat ‘uphuthu’ and Cabbage
  • 10. Nosipho fell from speedy running car thereby she was hardly injured and admitted to hospital and discharged after 3 after with her bandages but after 2 days she looked fresh with no scars in her body as if she never had any accident
  • 11. Nkunzi can bomb many ATM’s as possible as if the police are completely don’t exist
  • 12. It’s always a Sunday on Uzalo
  • 13. Mxolisi was shot by Manzunza and lost a large amount of blood but he was able to move around the whole Kwamashu without passing any intermediate hospital
  • 14. Let me not mention eka Innocentia because it magically gives me a head ache
  • 15. Nkunzi kills people as if he kills chickens
  • 16. I still don’t understand whether Patjutju was ugly or she was just acting
  • 17. Pastor Mdletshe’s sermon last less than 3 minutes
  • 18. Sbu always gives his bosses special nicknames. Eg. Zakes was Zacharian mafia and Nkunzi is ‘ Cool kruger’
  • 19. Zekhethelo is still at school but I’ve never seen her wearing a school uniform
  • 20. Mdletshe was in Swaziland which is 679 km away from KZN but he knew that
  • Mxolisi was involved in the death of Nkosinathi. Is that really possible?
  • 21. Nkunzi can easily get anything he wants/ desires to have. I mean he can even buy the whole world if possible
  • 22. Nkunzi’s petrol that he uses to burn people, that petrol looks like water because it’s colourless
  • 23. My biggest fear to continue watching Uzalo is to see Amos AKA butepo coming back walking with his bare legs while we know that he was shot in his knees.

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