Work from Home Job Websites for 2022 (That Pay Really Well)

Work From Home Job Websites

Work From Home job websites for 2022 hiring now.

In this post, I share with you some Work From Home Job Websites for 2022 and get this – they are hiring. This post will lay it all out for you.

In this post, I tell you what you need, where you have to apply, what the application process is and most importantly how much doing these seven work-from-home jobs will make you.

I’m about to give you everything you need to know to start making money as soon as today.

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So back to the post.

Work From Home Job Websites For 2022

Remember, while I do my best to screen all companies, I can’t guarantee them and this article is not me endorsing them. So, please do your own due diligence before agreeing to sign up with any of them.

Let’s dive right into this.

  1. Working Solutions

Coming in hot at numero uno number one is Working Solutions and they were launched in 1996
so this company goes way back. They offer contact center outsourcing, that’s like a customer service center. Here, the focus is customer service and sales but with the sales you are not doing telemarketing, you do not have to call people and try to sell them stuff. This is typically done over the phone but there is some chat and emailing involved.

Let me tell you who one of their hottest clients is turbo tech. You all know it is tax season so that’s going to be a hot job at this time and a lot of these will be like short-term contracts. Like I said, for turbo tax you know tech season ends in April so you would work this one until April but there will be more opportunities for you to work other places on here as well.

Working Solution Application Process:

So what the application process looks like: once you apply, you’ll be prompted to take an assessment and this assessment is going to pretty much make sure you’re a good fit for the company but also it’s going to show you some of the things that they expect from you so that you can in turn make sure the company is a good fit for you as well.

Then you’ll be invited to the applicant portal and then there will be a device scan and this is done because you will be required to provide your own computer. It can be a computer or a laptop and it has to have high speed internet so they’ll be checking at this point just to make sure that your equipment is up to par with what they need.

Once you pass all of those steps, then you’ll have full access to their applicant portal and that’s where
you’ll see all of the job listings all of these big brands that they work with. You’ll be able to select where you want to work from there and you’ll be interviewed either by phone or they may do video.

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With Working Solutions, you are considered as self-employed so you are your own boss which means that you will be receiving a 1099 and you’ll be responsible for your own taxes.

Working Solution Pay per Hour:

At Working Solutions, with each of the jobs is going to vary how much you are paid. It can be as low as nine dollars, it can be up to thirty dollars and their checks are issued twice a month.

So up next, we have another virtual contact center and this one is actually called lives which kind of
reminds one of call of duty or something like your operative like you’re gonna be a special agent of doing something you know top notch and they have been around for a long time since 2000. So i was really trying to find companies that have been around for a while which means that they
are more so legit.

With Liveops, you are also self-employed like you are with Working Solutions. They only hire for 36
of the 50 states so you want to make sure before you even put all of your energy into this, that you fall in the states. And some of the other requirements just like any other work from home job is going to be a quiet area, no distractions, not a lot of background noises from children, pets, doorbells ringing all day long. If you feel like that may be a problem then working from home may not be the best option for you.

Liveops Application process:

They have several steps to their application process: the first will actually be to apply then
after that, you will be required to take a background check and you are responsible for paying for that
background check and it is 24.99 for a background check. But after you do that, then you’ll have to sign an independent contractor agreement and once your application gets approved, you can go
ahead on and do some of the certification programs that they give you for free because some of the clients require that you have particular certifications just so that you can be familiar with what they need for the job.

And again like with the last contact center where you work from home, you will have to do a computer check and make sure you pass that and with live ops, there is a minimum requirement of how many hours you need to work a week and that is going to be at least 10 hours a week.

Other than needing a computer, a laptop, you will need a LAN line and a USB headset.

Liveops Pay per Hour:

How the pay works: you are paid anywhere from 25 to 34 per talk minute so if you end up talking
on the phone with a client for about 60 minutes, then that means that you can get paid 20.40
for that hour but some clients do pay a base rate plus commission and some may be entirely based on commission. So it’s going to really vary.

So the next job we are about to talk about is called Concentrix and again this is another customer service contact center type of job that has been existing since 1983. I do have some other options for you coming up so bear with me.

There is a difference from Concentrix versus the other work from home job websites that I have shared thus far. And that is that you are not self-employed here you will be working for the company which means that you are not getting a 1099, you’re not responsible for your own taxes as Concentrix will take care of that.

Concentrix Pay Per Hour

But the pay here is not quite as competitive as everyone else. Concentrix pay starts at ten dollars an hour again they’re starting it could end up being a little bit more but one thing that’s good about this is you don’t have to worry about a contract ending early like in three months or so. When you work here, you work here until you quit or they fire you and the hours could fall anywhere between 5 am to 11 pm again depending on the client that you are working for and they do have night hours and weekends too because they are open 24 7.

But another good thing is that because of the fact that you are working for this company, you will be able to get benefits unlike being self-employed and working for the other ones where you don’t get any benefits.

Best Work From Home Job Websites: All right, so moving right along I’m going to start throwing some company names in here that you are familiar with because some people may be like oh no, I’m just not comfortable with trying these people because i don’t know them. So, another good option for you to work with will be with Apple as an Apple At Home Advisor.

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I will let you know upfront this is the only job that I was not able to figure out to pay apple, why are you having that pay from us we need to know. But if you love exploring how technology helps you to do some of your favorite things, I have an iPhone, team iPhone, then you will be great at sharing their knowledge with others.

What you will be doing is anyone who reaches out to Apple, you will be responding to them. You would pretty much have to answer questions about products and services and you will have to have a

But let me tell you the great thing about Apple, they will provide you with an iMac. Yes you will get your own computer from them. This is the only company that i found that will actually be giving you a computer i guess because hey they make them, so why not.

And if you are kind of concerned, like yeah I know some of Apple but not enough, you will be
getting training so that’s something that will help you with this job. And you also get discounts on other Apple products and paid time off. You know the benefits, all those great things you are not self-employed here so they’re taking care of your taxes.

Apple At Home Advisor Application Process

Another thing I couldn’t really find out too much about was their application process, so I’m sorry I cannot give that one to you guys but this is really an amazing option and since we are talking about companies that we are aware of, we will jump now into the next one.

U-Haul is an extremely popular work-at-home company and again you will be working for the company which means you don’t have to worry about your own taxes.

Another good thing is yes they have full-time positions but they also have part-time in case you want to do other things and as a moving specialist, when you are hired, you will have to do a four-week
comprehensive training program.

When it comes to the actual type of work you’ll be doing, you’ll be receiving codes from people that want to make a reservation and for people that have any kind of questions about U-Haul’s equipment and services. Here, you will not be provided with a laptop or computer, you will have to have your own as well as a usb headset.

U-Haul Pay Per Hour

I was able to find how much this position pays and that is anywhere from 17 to 20 dollars an hour
so that’s pretty good and their hours are anywhere from between 6 a.m to 6 p.m.

We are almost done. Don’t worry we’re getting through this. I hope that this is helping you guys out. Let me know down in the comments if you are finding this helpful and I’ll try to do more articles
like these but next up i wanted to switch it up just kind of take us out of the customer service room for a second  just because some of you may be like ‘look i cannot deal with people all day long, I do not want to be on the phone dealing with that’. Don’t worry I have something for you. See the next below on our list of best work from home websites.

Best Work From Home Job Websites – next is Go Transcript, what you’re basically doing is writing out something that was in an audio format or
in a video format and they need these things for a variety of reasons – one being if it’s a video, someone may need subtitles for the video and that’s where you will come in.

You will have to go head on and write that out. Now you have to do this word by word, you have to write out exactly what the people are saying. You cannot remix this, you cannot abbreviate anything. It has to be exactly what they say it, when they say it, how they say.

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Go Transcript Pay per Hour

You will be paid 60 cent per audio minute. So that means if you have an audio file that’s 60 minutes long, you’re going to be paid 36 dollars. This is another self-employed freelance type of work so you can work as much or as little as you want to.

But again, that means you will be responsible for doing your own tax but the good thing about
this one, you don’t really need a quiet work space, a secluded area or none of those things. You don’t need any kind of phone, you won’t have to talk to anybody. All you need is a computer but you can
actually use your phone to do this. They just say if you use a computer or laptop, it’ll be done more efficiently and there are new jobs that are uploaded here every single day.

Go Transcript Application Process:

When you apply, you will actually be given a test and believe me when I say you will have to definitely know the difference between there, their. If you cannot distinguish those things because I know
a lot of people have difficulties knowing that, this will not be the job for you.

They’re going to ask you some other questions too so yes, let’s move on to the next company.

Here, you will be given the opportunity to work with some of the world’s best brands and you’ll be
supporting their customers with billing inquiries, account or product questions, service orders, installation scheduling, troubleshooting and more.

With Sitel, you don’t just have to work by phone which is a good thing, you’ll also be working through chat, through emails, through social media.

As for the things that you need, what’s required for this job they call it the byoc, not bring your own bottle but bring your own computer. Unfortunately, Mac is not compatible with their software you need
windows 10 and before you get the  opportunity to apply, you will have to complete an assessment.

Now, there will be a background check here as well and no, you do not have to pay for it, they will
pay for everything that you need because here, you are working for the company. You are not self-employed and you’ll also have to do a drug test. This is very important for me to tell some people you
have to do a drug test now. This one actually includes more states that they hire for except California New York and Washington.

At this company, they have both full-time and part-time positions. I couldn’t find the pay on their site but I went to another site that showed how much they usually paid and they said somewhere around 12 dollars is what they start with.

Now we are on the final site on our list of Best Work From Home Job Websites. This is the bonus category I am giving to you. This is an executive assistant company and with Boldly, you will be supporting one to three executive clients and this is more
on a longer term basis because you will be supporting them for anywhere from two to three years each.

Here, you are not considered an independent contractor so they will be taking care of your taxes and after you apply, there is an on-boarding process. They want you to have seven years of experience working in whatever area that you choose. Not many people may have seven years of experience but hey, maybe you do. So, that’s why i wanted to go head on and just add this in the list. I didn’t want to leave it out and their pay is anywhere from 22 dollars.


My hope is that this article on Work From Home Job Websites helps you find that job of your dreams. If you found it helpful, please let me know in the comments.

Which of these jobs or companies interests you so much? Feel free to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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