How to Get a Canada Work Visa in 2023 – APPLY NOW!

Best Ways To Legally Migrate To Canada

If it is your dream to travel and work abroad in 2023 or anytime in your future, Canada would be the perfect country to start.

This is because there are so many labour gaps in the Canada job market and Canada is always ready to welcome foreign nationals who have the skills and expertise for occupations that are unable to be filled by Canadian permanent residents and citizens.

One way to make your dream of working abroad come to pass is to apply for a Canadian work visa, but before that, it is important that you know which Canadian work visa would be best suited for you. And in this article, I share that knowledge with you along with jobs you can apply for right now to get any of these work visas.

Types of Canada work visas and how to get them in 2023

  • Canada Working Holiday Visa

This visa is perfect for you if you would like to earn money while enjoying visiting and exploring Canada.

Canada Working Holiday Visa provides temporary work permits to young people from over 30 countries, so they can legally live and get a job in Canada. The permits are valid for either 12 or 24 months, depending on your country of citizenship.

For you to be eligible for this visa, you must:

  • Be a citizen (passport holder) of one of the 35 countries that have a “bilateral youth mobility agreement” with Canada. In other words, one of the International Experience Canada participating countries.
  • Have a valid passport for the duration of the stay in Canada (the work permit issued will not be longer than the validity of the passport).
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 30 or 35 (inclusive) at the time of application.
  • Have the equivalent of at least CAD$2,500 on landing to help cover initial expenses.
  • Be able to take out health insurance for the full duration of your Working Holiday Visa in Canada (participants may have to present evidence of this insurance at the point of entry in Canada).
  • Be admissible to Canada.
  • Have, prior to departure, a round-trip ticket or the financial resources to purchase a departure ticket for the end of your authorized stay in Canada.
  • Not be accompanied by your wife/husband and children as your dependants.
  • Pay the appropriate fees, as outlined in the ‘Apply for a work permit’ section below.

To apply for this visa:

You must first create a profile, which notifies Canadian authorities of your desire to receive a working holiday visa in Canada. Successful candidates will receive an invitation to formally complete their application for a work permit, however this success is subject to eligibility and availability. Click here to see Cleaner Jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship 2023 – Apply now.

  • Open Work Visa:

A work permit is a legal document that allows a foreigner to work in Canada.

An open work permit is a work permit that is not tied to a single employer or location. This means that a foreigner with a valid open work permit can work for multiple employers in multiple locations across Canada.

This visa is not the easiest visa to acquire. An open work visa is a work permit that is not job-specific. Because it is not job-specific, you will not need the following when you apply for your work permit:

  • a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment and Social Development Canada, or
  • proof that an employer has submitted an offer of employment through the Employer Portal and paid the employer compliance fee

You may be eligible for an open work permit if you:

  • are an international student who graduated from a designated learning institution and are eligible for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program
  • are a student who’s no longer able to meet the costs of your studies (destitute student)
  • have an employer-specific work permit and are being abused or at risk of being abused in relation to your job in Canada
  • applied for permanent residence in Canada
  • are a dependent family member of someone who applied for permanent residence
  • are the spouse or common-law partner of a skilled worker or international student
  • are the spouse or common-law partner of an applicant of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program
  • are a refugee, refugee claimant, protected person or their family member
  • are under an unenforceable removal order
  • are a temporary resident permit holder
  • are a young worker participating in special programs

In each of these situations, you must meet additional criteria to be eligible. Click here to see Farm Worker Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2023 – APPLY NOW!

  • Employer-Specific Work Visa

The Employer-Specific work visa allows a foreign national to work for one specific employer, doing a specified job in one set location. This work visa has limitations that are stated on the work permit such as:

  • How long you are going to work for;
  • The location of your job;
  • And the name and details of your employer.

You will be able to acquire an employer-specific work visa through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) shown below. Click here to see unskilled jobs in Canada for foreigners 2023 – APPLY NOW.

  • Post-Graduate Worker Permit (PGWP)

The Post-Graduate Worker Permit (PGWP) is a visa that allows international students who have graduated from eligible Canadian designated learning institutions (DLIs) to legally work in Canada and  gain valuable Canadian work experience.

Depending on the length of your study program, this visa can be valid for up to three years. It’s one way of gaining Canadian work experience which could eventually lead to permanent residency. Click here to see how you can live permanently in Canada with this visa.

For you to be eligible, qualify for this visa, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Complete a study program and have either a degree, diploma, or certificate from a DLI for a minimum of eight months;
  • Be a full-time student for every semester;
  • Graduated from a post-secondary school such as a university, college, or trade/technical school or;
  • Graduated from a Canadian private school that provide degrees under provincial law.

When you receive this visa, you are free to work for any employer in Canada. In the beginning of 2021, there were already about 52,000 individuals who were eligible for the PGWP.

  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program

This program assists many Canadian employers needing to fill positions that are unable to be filled by Canadian citizens or even permanent residents. When a Canadian employer hires a foreign national, they bring new skills and knowledge with them that might not have been able to be found within Canada itself.

In the Temporary Foreign Worker Program there are two streams: the Global Talent Stream and the Caregivers stream.

  • Global Talent Stream

The Global Talent Stream (GTS) was developed to assist employers to gain access to global talent with the highest skill sets. This is purely for the fact that Canada wishes to expand their economy and the one way they can do this is to get foreign nationals who have different skills and knowledge.

Category A:

This category is for candidates who have been referred to the Global Talent Stream by one of the stream’s designated partners.

For you to qualify and join the Category A list:

  • You should have a job in Canada
  • Have a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)
  • You should be able to prove that you will leave Canada once your visa expires
  • Prove you have enough funds to support yourself and your family, as well as enough to be able to go back to your country of origin.
  • You should be able to prove that you do not pose a threat to Canada’s national security.
  • Your criminal record should be clear.
  • You should be in good health or provide proof of a medical check up

Category B:

This category is for employers that seek to find highly-skilled workers to fill labour gaps in in-demand occupations in Canada found on the Global Talent Occupations List. This stream is widely preferred by employers as it is fast and the processing time can take up to two weeks.

The occupations that are found in category B include: Information systems analysts and consultants, Computer network technicians, Digital media designers.

  • In-home Caregivers stream

The in-home caregivers stream allows Canadian households to employ foreign nationals who are able to provide care in private residences to seniors, children or those who have disabilities when Canadians and permanent residents are not available. Employers may ask their caregiver to live with them.

There are two categories for in-home caregivers which are:

  • Caregivers for people with high medical needs, and
  • Caregivers for children.

1. Caregivers for people with high medical needs

People with disabilities, chronic or terminal illnesses
Elderly persons over the age of 65

Positions in this category include:

  • Attendant for persons with disabilities, home support worker, live-in caregiver, personal care attendant (NOC 4412)
  • Licensed practical nurse (NOC 3233);
  • Registered nurse or registered psychiatric nurse (NOC 3012).

2. Caregivers for children

Children who are under 18 years of age

This category includes positions such as: live-in caregiver, nanny, child care provider – NOC 4411

Top 10 in-demand jobs projected for 2023 in Canada

Below is the list of the top 10 in-demand jobs projected for 2023 in Canada. Who knows, perhaps you’ll be one of the many to obtain a work permit for 2023.

  • Truck driver
  • Web developer
  • Welder
  • Pharmacist
  • Receptionist
  • Registered nurse
  • Accountant
  • Merchandiser
  • Administrative assistant
  • General labourer

How long does it take to get a Canadian work visa?

The processing time will depend on how accurately you filled out your application as well as the office you have submitted it to. Initially, it can take up to 27 weeks to process the application of your permit.

What are the general documents required for a working visa in Canada?

  • A valid passport
  • Two passport sized photographs that are recent
  • Educational qualification certificates
  • Proof of adequate funds
  • Medical examination
  • Application fee

How do work permits differ from Express Entry?

A work permit is a temporary residence, while Express Entry is the application system for workers with certain skills looking to acquire permanent residence in Canada.

Now that you know what types of Canadian work visas there are, there is no better excuse to kick start your dream of working abroad.

I hope you found this article very helpful and informative. My aim of writing it is to give you the best educative articles you will need to read about jobs, visas and scholarship so that you can migrate, live and work legally and with peace of mind in the country of your dreams.

DISCLAIMER: This article/post and content is designed for general information only and is NOT legal advice. The information presented in this article/post should not be construed to be formal legal advice. If you need legal advice, you may contact a licensed attorney.

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