Stuart Asquith death, obituary: Wargaming star Stuart Asquith died

Stuart Asquith death, obituary: Wargaming star Stuart Asquith died November 3, 2019.

Stuart Asquith death, obituary: Wargaming star Stuart Asquith died

Asquith death was announced by Henry Hyde who wrote on Twitter:

I am sad to report that well known wargamer and former editor of Practical Wargamer Stuart Asquith passed away last night.

Many will remember his delight at encouraging newcomers into the hobby with simple rules and a fun attitude.

Stuart Asquith joined Phil Olley, John Preece, Steve Gill, Charles S Grant and me to re-stage the battle of Mollwitz that featured in the 1971 “The War Game” by the late Charles Grant.

I know that Stuart was really chuffed to participate in this historic game at Partizan 2007.

Beloved Stuart Asquith is celebrated for his fun and gentlemanly approach to wargaming, he also espoused simple wargames rules, such as the ‘Old School’ approach to wargaming.

Stuart was the former editor of Practical Wargames. He edited the magazine for 12 years and influenced a generation of wargamers. Stuart was Practical Wargamer and his editorship raised the bar and set the standard for all wargame magazines.

Stuart Asquith wrote several books and dozens of magazine articles for Military Modelling, Battlegames.

Please say a prayer for his grieving family and loved ones as you read these tributes below:

That’s very sad news indeed. I visited him many years ago at his home. He was having a clear out of unpainted figures and when I asked why he responded “I cannot paint them all before I die.” That was 1990 so he was probably wrong. #RIP

Stuart kept the flame burning during the interregnum between the Featherstone/Grant/Wise era and the rise of MW/WI – for that I am eternally grateful as without his work, I may well have moved away from miniature wargaming totally in favour of boardgames and RPGs.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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