Robin Stone Delaware County death, obituary after thyroid cancer

Robin Stone death, obituary: Beloved Robin Stone, Chair of Delaware County Dems, died November 2, 2019 after battling Anaplastic Thyroid cancer, an aggressive cancer that was diagnosed a little over a month ago.

Robin Stone Delaware County death, obituary after thyroid cancer

Robin Stone death was announced by her Facebook page, Caring for Robin Stone & Family in a heartbreaking statement that read:

It is with profound sadness that the family of Robin Stone announces her untimely but peaceful passing on November 2, 2019.

In the gentle care of the palliative team at the University of Iowa, surrounded by family and friends, she succumbed to Anaplastic Thyroid cancer. An aggressive cancer that was diagnosed a little over a month ago.

Iowans know Robin as a fiery and proud Democrat, who served most recently as chairperson of the Delaware County Democrats. Her outspoken fight for healthcare-for-all, put her in the forefront of a movement embraced by many of the 2020 democratic presidential candidates. Making her a strong voice for everyone with inadequate or worse, no health care insurance.

Her most direct and frank conversation on the topic was with Sen. Chuck Grassley at a now infamous town hall meeting in Independence, Iowa. A moment she proudly called “the time I kicked Chuck Grassley’s ass.” That contentious conversation went viral, and earned her an invitation to speak about healthcare on the Lawrence O’Donnell Last Word program.

At this year’s democratic Passport to Victory event in October, Robin’s work, activism and personal healthcare-coverage struggles were recognized by eastern Iowa democrats, presidential candidates and state representatives. Tom Steyer, Michael Bennett, Abby Finkenauer and Bernie Sanders campaign advisor, senator Ro Khanna were just a few of the Democrats thanking her for her incredible work.

Recently, Robin was honored by the AIO conference as their Person of the Year for her tireless efforts over the years to shine a light on the needs and challenges of those with physical and emotional disabilities.

Robin was particularly proud to be a mentor and friend to many young adults finding not just their political voice but who, like Robin, wanted to help everyone benefit from a strong and caring America. Her embrace of diversity in culture, gender and ethnicity made her a beacon for those struggling to be understood.

Believing that her faith in god meant helping those in need, Robin began her compassionate and caring journey when she helped start Share the Harvest. Robin realized that many of her neighbors did not have access to healthy, nutritious produce.

With donations from local farmers and small gardeners it was a grassroots program that offered no-cost fresh fruits and vegetables during the growing season to those in the community who otherwise would go without.

Robin is survived by her loving husband Mark Luensmann, children Matt, Dan and Katie Mitchell, sister Kimberly Kincaid and brother Bob Matters. Robin was looking forward to becoming a first-time grandmother to Dan and his wife Luba‘s first child, a daughter, due in December. A proud child of adoptive parents, Robin’s passionate hobby was tracing her genealogy, both biological and adoptive.

Not just Iowans, but all of us hungering for justice, compassion and equality have lost a great friend and advocate. It was Robin’s ferverent desire that all of us find and development our true voice and fight for causes and beliefs that we are passionate about.

Details about Robin’s Funeral Service and visitation will be posted on this page as soon as they are available.

Robin Stone Delaware County death, obituary after thyroid cancer

Please say a prayer for Robin Stone’s grieving family and loved ones as you read the tributes below:

Robin Stone succumbed to thyroid cancer last night. She was the Chair of Delaware County Dems in Iowa.

She wanted her health struggle to highlight what is wrong with healthcare in America. She was feisty and right.

People need access to affordable healthcare. RIP Robin. #DemCast

I met Robin Stone during my first week in Iowa. Within minutes, we had bonded over activism and feminism.

Within weeks, we had planned a disabilities rights roundtable, discussed efforts to mobilize the youth vote in Delaware County, and she had met with @SenGillibrand one-on-one over lunch.

During the July debate, I complimented the t-shirt Robin is wearing in the photos above. The next time I saw her, Robin gave me my own shirt.

The last time I saw Robin was a few weeks ago in the Manchester Regional Care Facility. She had lost her ability to speak, but she continued to encourage me to use my voice.

She reminded me of why we need universal healthcare, and I promised her that I would elevate her story.

Robin will always remind me of what it looks like to be a powerful, tireless, resilient, outspoken, unabashed fighter. Rest in Power, sweet woman.

May her soul rest in perfect peace.

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