Stacy Callender death, obituary: Stacy Callender death – cancer

Stacy Callender death, obituary: Beloved Stacy Callender has passed away.

Stacy Callender death, obituary: Stacy Callender death after cancer

Please say a prayer for her family grieving her sudden painful death as you read the tributes below:

I’m literally crushed to hear to my homie @stacy.callender has passed away today smh. This is not how we supposed to be entering the new year. Everyone who knows her knows how sweet and caring she is. They say the good die young but come now smh.. we’re losing all our queens to soon. R.I.P STACEY I will truly miss you. 😔😔😔😔😔😔 #fuckcancer

Damn Sip Stacy Callender . Prayer up to you and ya whole fam. 😤

When I First Started My Movement You And @angelreignsnyc Were My First Ladies…. This One Hurt….. You Will Always Be Remembered. RIP stacy.callender #LifeTooShort

Life comes at you fast! Sad news today 😢. Rip Stacy ! If you knew her you know she was super kind and lived life to the fullest… You’ll be missed Stacy Callender

RIP to an old friend Stacy Callender 🇬🇾.

Your heart was always full of #big #dreams, but not just for yourself but for others too!! Last time I saw you, I asked how you were doing and you were so happy and fulfilled then you asked about me and you said big bro none of those people you #debate are on your level, unless you’re #debating your #equal, stick to #teaching, #travel the #world and #solidify your #legacy!!

I’m seriously gonna take your advice Stacy. #Rest In #Peace Lil Sis.

This pic. With sooo many other memories that we had together is how I would like to remember you. From 5 to 17 we spent almost every one of your birthdays together. We lost contact for a while, but last yr. We spoke like we never parted. Just recently you were catching me up on everyone fr. Dad to Kenny to Anita. LOL and now to come on my social media and see ppl. Saying R.I.P my heart is condolences to Josh and your family. I will miss you my friend. S.I.P STACY CALLENDER . Stacy Callender

I can’t believe this. Growing up you were like a little sister to me. I am going to miss your beautiful smile. May God comfort all of your love ones during this difficult time. Rest in Peace Stacy Callender.

R.I.P Stacy Callender my love is not the way I want to post all my memories with you hunn on the 2nd days of a year Nope not like that Stace 😭 I always say that is it true life is to short to enjoy every second of it. Yes that is so true. Baby girl I always tell you how much I love you.
your smile your kindness your memories will always be loves hunn, 2020 Thank you. 💖❤😭😭😭😭😭😭

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  1. My lovely niece ❤️ Stace… Who’s going to call me uncle “D”? I guess no one! Stace you’re gone from our sight, but not from our hearts…

  2. My lovely niece Stacy, who’s going to call me uncle D? I guess no one! Stace, really!!! You are gone from our sight, but never from our hearts.

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