Lundi Pretorius death, obituary: Lundi Pretorius drowning

Lundi Pretorius death, obituary: Beloved Lundi Pretorius has passed away after a drowning accident, according to reports.

Lundi Pretorius death, obituary_ Lundi Pretorius drowning

Please say a prayer for his heartbroken mother, twin and family grieving Lundi Pretorius death as you read the tributes below:

BETTIESBAAI. Drowning on New Years’day
Geliefde model van die Strand verdrink.
Lundi Pretorius, een van ‘n tweeling, was van die Strand.
Innigste meegevoel aan sy ma Edith Jansen en broer, Zandi.


Ronel Theron: The family was booked in with us and told us that the life saver on duty was of no help, did not know CPR and could not administer CPR when it could have saved his life. Life guards posted on our beaches make people who do not know our area think it is safe to swim in the sea, yet there were strong currents. Why are untrained youngsters the first responders? Answers are needed
Magdel Oosthuizen Groenewald
Magdel Oosthuizen Groenewald Ronel Theron according to the NSRI there were 3 doctors assisting 😪
NB. Theron is van Nomads Land (Bettiesbaai) #akkomodasie.

Our deepest condolences in this very very sad time to you Edith and dear Zandi, may Lundi soul rest in peace, Lundi was a special young man, so is his twin, you’ll be missed especially by my daughter who look up to both of them and enjoy their energy that is always positive, we can’t believe you are gone 😭

The year has barely started and we’ve already lost a soul💔
RIP Lundi Pretorius😪

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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