Rio Rancho accident at NM 528 and Barbara Loop survivor shares update

Rio Rancho accident at NM 528 and Barbara Loop update: A couple who survived the fatal car crash at NM 528 and Barbara Loop on Monday June 1, 2020 have shared an update to let family and loved ones know they are okay.

Rio Rancho accident at NM 528 and Barbara Loop survivor shares update

Four cars were involved in the serious four-car collision on NM 528 just north of Barbara Loop a little after 3 p.m. Monday and at least one car rolled.

According to Rio Rancho Police, six people were involved in the crash – a girl died and two other people were seriously injured. A man in another car, which rolled, was transported to the hospital with severe head injuries and was in stable condition Tuesday.

The occupants of the other two vehicles received very minor injuries.

Rio Rancho accident at NM 528 and Barbara Loop – what happened?

Kerri shared this update on Facebook after the accident:

I want you to know that Quinn and I were in an accident in Rio Rancho this afternoon and WE ARE OK!

I have been busy praying and thanking God and my Angels that it wasn’t our time.
The car you see upside down is what hit us from behind as it skidded upside down into us.

We were basically barely moving forward as a light turned from red to green.

That car was driving (we think) 60-70mph down 528 weaving in between cars, clipped a car, went into the air, bounced on a car, hit the ground upside down and slid into us.

The car it bounced on had a passenger that did not make it. It was that quick. One minute we were just starting to move from a light and the next we get hit hard and I see the other car come past us backwards into the light.

I’m grateful Murphy wasn’t in the car with us, I’m grateful I wasn’t farther back (that could have easily been us with the fatality), I’m grateful that it wasn’t our time. ❤️❤️

Be safe out there!! Hug and kiss the ones you step away from for a few minutes just because! Let the ones you love know it. Daily! 😍

Deputy Police Chief Andrew Rodriguez said a juvenile female died and another girl was severely injured in a car that hit a pole. The injured girl was in stable condition in the hospital about noon Tuesday, he said.

The cause of the Rio Rancho accident at NM 528 and Barbara Loop is still under investigation.

Our deepest condolences and sympathy to the family of the dead during this difficult time.

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