Patrick Underwood death: Who killed Patrick Underwood?

Patrick Underwood cause of death – dead, obituary, funeral plans: Patrick Underwood death happened May 29th, 2020 when he was shot and killed during Oakland protests. He was only 53 year old.

Patrick Underwood death, obituary: Who killed Patrick Underwood?

Dave Patrick Underwood was guarding the Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building in Oakland Friday night at about 9:45pm when a van pulled up and someone fired gunshots at the guards in front of the building.

According to the FBI, a white van pulled up to the building near a guard shelter and one of its passengers started firing.

Patrick was killed while a second guard was critically injured but is expected to survive.

Patrick and his colleague worked for the Federal Protective Service and were protecting the building during the protest over the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota.

The Department of Homleand Security called Patrick Underwood death an act of domestic terrorism.

Oakland Acting Police Chief Susan Manheimer said the attack on Brown and another federal security guard was a targeted attack.

No suspect has been named and it wasn’t clear if the killing was connected to killing of George Floyd protest in Minnesota.

Oakland police and the FBI are jointly working together to search for the attackers.

The FBI, along with @oaklandpoliceca and our federal partners, continue to investigate the May 29th shooting of 2 contract security officers for the Federal Protective Service of the DHS. We urge the public to submit any tips related to this shooting to

Patrick Underwood cause of death, obituary, funeral arrangement, any Gofundme page

Patrick Underwood death was confirmed by his sister, Angela Jacob Underwood, who wrote on Facebook:

“My brother, Dave Patrick Underwood, a federal officer, was murdered 5/29/20 in Oakland California, while on duty during the riots. This Violence Must Stop.”

This is a picture of my brother, Dave Patrick Underwood (Pat), a Federal Officer who was murdered last Friday in a drive by shooting during the riots in Oakland CA.

I want to extend a thank you to everyone who has sent prayers and best wishes to my family during this trying time.

I am sharing a post of my correspondence with George Runner where I shared my need for a platform to bring love and harmony back to our country through my brother’s memory.

Patrick Underwood obituary is not available at this time. We will share updates when confirmed and released and as we learn more.

There will be a ceremony for Dave Patrick Underwood (Pat) in the Bay Area on June 12th.

Please say a prayer for the grieving family and friends.

May Patrick Underwood soul rest in perfect peace.

Our deepest condolences and sympathy during this difficult time.

Please share what you would like to say about Patrick Underwood in the comments below by leaving a kind word for friends, family and loved ones.

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2 thoughts on “Patrick Underwood death: Who killed Patrick Underwood?”

  1. It is a tragedy about his death and the lack of honor ,respect and acknowledgment from african-american leaders who have a true hero that loved his country! and the loss to all Americans yet he has not received the memorial service he so rightly deserves.MHC a resident a Pennsylvania

  2. I’m hurtin’ real bad on my inside for Patrick…
    I can only say how much I love you, Angela!

    Wish to God I could have known Patrick.

    My most Humble respect for you, Angela.

    If I can do anything to help your Family-
    or you just wanna talk to a dumb biker, I’m
    proud of your good example, to not be
    vengeful, but to act with dignity for
    Patrick’s memory.

    Patrick needs a quality Sister like YOU
    to keep asking questions.

    My name is Louis, and I will help you.

    I could send your Family a small check,
    it’s all I have; to assist you with
    Patrick’s arrangements, if you need-

    God Bless the Underwood Family.


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