Mario Flores obituary: Mario Flores el Perico Moringa Costa Mesa

Mario Flores obituary: Mario Flores el Perico Moringa death happened December 2019 after an illness. Alex “El Genio” Lucas confirmed Mario Flores death costa mesa.

Mario Flores obituary: Mario Flores el Perico Moringa Costa Mesa

Please say a prayer for his family as you read Mario Flores obituary below:

Before broadcaster Mario Flores El Perico death, he was working on the syndicated radio of ‘The Show of Genius Lucas’.

Mario Flores “El Perico” wanted a career in radio from the age of 15. While attending high school in Mexico City, he spent a lot of time at the station owned by the high school, where he was in charge of air, production and managerial duties.

In the 80s, “El Perico” moved to Los Angeles, CA, where he developed a more open personality working for different local radios in the morning.

To date, “El Perico” has been the Presenter for over 20 years. He is well known for his unexpected, sarcastic and frank comments particularly when talking about politicians, actors, singers, television shows, movies and magazines.

During the last decade, the audience has pointed to “Perico” as the fierce lawyer of freedom of expression for his controversial statements.

Criticism is constant in the life of the “Parakeet” for his strong statements.

Although the “Perico” insults are intended to offend celebrities, they also offend the general public, however, radio listeners still demand segments with the “Perico” opinion.

“El Perico” has also participated in several television programs expressing his opinion freely.

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