Don Pito Loco: Raul Lopez Don Pito Loco & Mario Flores el Perico

Don Pito Loco: Raul Lopez Don Pito Loco and Mario Flores el Perico, two important engines of the Alex El Genio Lucas show have died.

Don Pito Loco: Raul Lopez Don Pito Loco & Mario Flores el Perico

Today marks third year since Raul Lopez Don Pito Loco death.

Raul Lopez had been on the radio for more than 40 years. He joined the “El Genio” Lucas Show and the RadioKe Padre network because “there is no other”.

He described his segments to the air as the relief of all the poison that he brings inside.

His maximum achievement within the radio, according to him was having the privilege of continuing to count on the favor of the public.

Raul Lopez Don Pito Loco was originally from Culiacán, Sinaloa; Mexico but raised in the most beautiful city in the world: Nogales, Sonora. His favorite hobby was sleeping.

His advice for the youth, the most vital advice was to study; Be prepared and ignore people who are always saying negative things.

His unforgettable experience on the radio was when they sent him to cover the explosions in Guadalajara, Mexico. There were very ugly explosions in the Reformation sector that destroyed and did a lot of damage. He arrived in Guadalajara and the whole area was destroyed, it looked like it had been bombed. He reported from there to KWKW La Mexicana.

Raul Lopez Don Pito Loco was a very handsome man, kind, calm and above all, of good character.

The person he most admired was Jackie Robinson, the first Black player in the history of major league baseball because of the incredible humiliations he had to endure and because he opened the way of “his” people within the baseball world.

The couple have he most admired were his dad and mom for the perfect thing they did to him.

May his soul rest in perfect peace. May Mario Flores el Perico rest in perfect peace.


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