Kylie Benson car accident: See photos from Kylie Benson crash scene

Kylie Benson car accident: Here are photos from Kylie Benson crash scene. Please say a prayer for the beloved 16 year old.

Kylie Benson accident: See photos from Kylie Benson crash scene

Kylie is the 16 year old daughter of Jayson Benson and Alicia Manning. She is the granddaughter of Sandra and Duane Benson, and retired Oklahoma Highway Patrol Gordon Manning.

Kylie is in a medically induced coma after she survived being ran over by a semi, she got out of that car and walked over 200 yards. She has spinal (bone) injury, fractured ribs and injury to her right eye.

The latest update from her mum Alicia reads:

Kylie is still in a critical stage. She has 3rd degree burns from the top of her head to her knees. You literally can not place a hand on her body without touching a burn.

She has fractured ribs and spine with a vent tube for her collapsed lung. She is on a respirator to help her breathe so she can not talk. She is in a medically induced coma.

She can not open her eyes because her face is severely burned. Both of her arms and hands have been deeply burned we are concerned with not only infection but the skin restricting blood flow which would lead to loss of her limbs or digits.

If they can get her stable, the surgeon anticipates starting surgeries as early as tomorrow.

We love each and everyone of you we have received hundreds of messages. We want everyone to be a part of her journey as she walks this out.

However, because of her injuries we are limiting visitors to reduce the risk of infection. Thank you for your understanding…. She is in a fight for her life! God is with her 💜 much love.

Kylie Benson car accident: See photos from Kylie Benson crash scene

See below photos from Kylie’s crash scene. Here is a glimpse of the totalled vehicle Kylie managed to get out of then walked 200 yards with 3rd degree burns on more than 60% of her body as well as other injuries.

Kylie Benson accident See photos from Kylie Benson crash scene 2

Kylie Benson accident See photos from Kylie Benson crash scene

A GoFundMe page has been launched to raise funds for Kylie medical care. See the GoFundMe page HERE.

An account has also been set up at First State Bank in Valliant Oklahoma, to help with Kylie’s expenses. All contributions can be made to “Kylie Benson Fund. Also be on the lookout for upcoming fundraisers to benefit Kylie and her Family.

20 thoughts on “Kylie Benson car accident: See photos from Kylie Benson crash scene”

  1. I just sat here and read cannot believe my eyes that someone can actually get out on fire and walk that far. I have said a prayer to God to help her so believe me he will. Hope to meet you one day I will be thinking of you every day until that day.

    • What is wrong with you? Her family doesn’t need such a senseless comment, and why does it matter why she was or wasn’t somewhere? Your unbelievable.

    • Why does that even matter??? She’s home schooled if you really wanna know… she’s very smart and very intelligent! She was having problems with bullying in school. This girl was in school with my brother! She’s beyond sweet and well loved. Just pray for her and don’t worry about what she was doing.

    • I’m sorry but not to be rude, witch u already have…but I don’t think that’s any of no ones business, especially us, complete strangers as to why she was where she was and not in school!! Hell, ever heard of home schooling?? How about u just say a pray for the teen and not be nosey with personally questions!! If that was ur child u would feel disrespected also if someone ask u un-needed questions!! #SorryNotSorry

      ***Good vides, healing thoughts & prayers sent to you Kylie***

    • some students are homeschooled and score very highly . There are doctor appointments etc that students drive themselves to during the day . Work programs etc .

    • some students are homeschooled and still score very highly on all their required curriculum. Students although homeschooled still attend dr appointments and work programs just as any other student would . Without judgement or question This wonderful girl needs our love , support and prayers !! 🙏❣️❣️❣️❣️

    • First of all, it is none of your business where she was or why she was there. That is 100% irrelevant to the fact that this child is fighting for her life. And second, she’s homeschooled, you prick.

    • Really? This beautiful girl is fighting for her life and you ask this question? Just pray for her and the family and not ask a stupid question.

  2. Super judgey thing to post🙄🙄 she’s a homeschool student and runs her own business. Maybe instead of worrying about what she was doing, be in awe of this child and the God that pulled her out of this car. Say a prayer or a kind words. It’s not necessary for anyone but her parents to know what she was up to.

  3. I seriously don’t see what she was doing in the area she was in has ANYTHING to do with this young girl fighting for her life. I think I read that she was doing classes on line because of all she had been through at school with a bunch of teenage drama. I want to know where is the semi that ran over her vehicle?? Has the driver been charged? What is going on with that???
    I just pray this young lady survives this horrific accident. Praying for her medical team to guide them in the treatment for her. I pray for her mom and all of her family as they rally around her in lifting her up in Jesus name. God be with you all in this journey.

  4. I’m praying for Kylie but I wanna know what happened to the driver of the Semi? Did they make it out or not? I understand Kylie making it this far and living through something so horrific but I’m starting to worry about the driver of the truck and what kind of accident it was…like who’s at fault? I see all these posts about her but nothing on the actual incident or the other driver.

  5. I wished they were telling the truth. She actually rear-ended a semi that had stopped at a railroad crossing. She was going full on 65 mph and did not look up to see it in front of her.

  6. I don’t believe the words that come out of some people mouth! At a time like dis¿ U should be saying PRAYERS INSTEAD OF WHY WAS SHE HERE N WHY WASNT SHE IN SCHOOL. MIND U OWN BUSINESS N NOT HERS. POINT BLANK BUSY BODY¿¥₩θθK


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