Jumoke Hill accident: How did Jumoke Hill die?

Jumoke Hill accident: Beloved singer Jumoke Hill died February 28, 2020 after a car accident.

Jumoke Hill accident: How did Jumoke Hill die?

Chyna Christian announced her best friend Jumoke Hill death in a touching statement on Facebook that read:

Good evening everybody some of you may know me, Jumoke and I are best friends.

He passed away this morning he was in a car accident. I was just with his family we’re still waiting on information. his cousin will be posting soon about arrangements for his funeral and hopefully we’re trying to put together a visual for him.

He loved everybody and just remember that!

Heartbroken friends are mourning and have shared moving tributes on social media. At this time, details about how Jumoke Hill car crash happened are not public.

Please say a prayer for his grieving family and loved ones. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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