Joshua Glasco missing update: Joshua Glasco Colorado FOUND SAFE

UPDATE: 14 year old Joshua Glasco Colorado missing December 23, 2019 has been found and he’s safely at home with his family.


He had been last seen at I25 and Arapaho road in Colorado Monday Dec 23 at 9 pm.

An appeal message shared by Joshua’s dad George Glasco had read:

My son is missing. He is 14 years old. He was last seen at I25 and Arapaho road in Colorado Monday dec 23 at 9 pm
We are desperate to find him
His name is Joshua Glasco

He is 4’11” 105 lbs

Please share and if anyone spots him call the police.

Josh if you see this please call home.

Latest update as of Jan 1 2020 we received some information from police that he was likely in Parker Co on Dec 30. He is likely wearing a black hoodie.

Please help bring Joshua home.

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  1. If we can find out where in Colorado he was last at! Then people in Colorado could help find him and convince him to go home! Like was he in Greeley Colorado? Evans Colorado? Loveland Colorado? Denver Colorado? I am out and about everyday there are kids around the area’s that im in that is exactly like this! And is been 9 days since he has been gone! Y’all can add me on facebook and we can do a plan or whatever to help find him! I am always willing to look for kids! I usally find kids that ran away or whatever and I convince them to go home! But I would love to give this one a shot! I dont give up on looking for kids! I can check when im on lunch at school when I get back to school! We are on winter break rn! But I know exactly how the family feels. The family to this child feel free to add me on Facebook if you need anything I would just like to help! I hope you guys find him!

  2. In this area of I-25 (a freeway) and Arapahoe. This would be the Denver Metro area. It is in cross areas of Denver, Englewood, and Littleton areas, if that may help you!

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