Delani Maishi found dead after missing for weeks – what happened

Delani Maishi found dead after missing – 46 year old Durban man Delani Maishi was found dead after he was allegedly kidnapped, killed and dumped in a river, according to reports online.

Delani Maishi found dead after missing

A statement released confirming Delani Maishi death reads:

Dear IFA Family, it is with the greatest sense of sadness that I send this message. Delani, our brother and friend has passed away.

As many of you know he was missing since Monday 16 December.

Last night we were informed that his body was found shortly thereafter by the police, who are investigating the case.

This loss is tragic and our deepest sympathy goes out to his wife Olwethu, his family and close friends. He was a phenomenal man and will be missed by many, and remembered dearly for who he was and what he contributed in terms of changing peoples lives.

We will inform you of funeral details as soon as they are confirmed. I trust that we will come together as an IFA family to support his family and to work through this tragic and senseless loss.

God bless.


Please say a prayer for his grieving family as you read the tributes below:

God Knows 🙏
I’ts sad day to hear of your passing
A Great honour to have known you 🙏
RIP ⚘Delani Maishi You have made your mark.

R.I.P Delani Maishi
Sishawe yingoz engeqiwa ntwala ngokulahlekelwa uwe.Lukhulu usizo obusnika lona,uscathulisa endleleni yempumelelo 😭😭😭🙏.it’s painful ukuth angsophinde ngkubone.
Have a nice journey Ndoda although usishiye kabhlungu sisanethemba lokuth uzotholakala usaphila,uqhubeke noksiza imindeni,baningi kakhul ebebelala bedlile emakhaya ngenxa yakho😭🙏🙏

It’s hard to believe that you gone Delani. The soldier has fallen. We are sadned by you departure. We are left with memories Rest in peace Delani

In network marketing this face might look familiar or not at all…A week ago I shared the news about Missing Friend in Business Delani Maishi this morning he was confirmed to be found dead😭😭😭😭

As much as am exhausted but I feel like sharing this awareness with you My Friends there are ppl who would never join what ur doing but deep down they envy de fruits of ur hardwork when u post them please let’s stop attracting them ngama materials siwatholayo it’s for our own safety…

There are ppl who’ll follow you all the way not bcoz they admire what ur doing and they want to learn no but they learning how to destroy you de more you succeed is de more u fuel them to harm you stop doing ama check-ins Kuma locations just go there smtyms and sign ur prospects den leave in peace ✌️ ✌️

There are ppl in ur circle who are friends with ppl who speak Ill about u daily kubo what u achieved is not an inspiration to them its bragging they can’t wait to hire someone to kill u while they monitoring you for dat killer Be safe always…

Stop meeting Prospects dat u don’t know alone especially if they got ur number from social media or u didn’t give them ur number…

Before meeting a new prospect make sure you can trace back her account to social media to see who she is n de kind of things she post sm killers are right under our noses bt we don’t see them…

One or two ppl must know who ur meeting with and where always try to send ur loved ones a location of where u r…

Smtyms I even take pictures from my button 🔳 camera so dat when they trace my phone they can see who was last seen with me…

The guy in the picture is a murder suspect based on what they say but I don’t know what I know ukuthi the search is off Delani is nomore😭😭😭😭

RIP Delani Maishi…

May your soul rest in peace Chairman Delani Maishi. Your spirit of ubuntu will live on among us. Izinye izinto zithatha iskhathi ukuthi zijule emqondweni. But in all things we trust God.

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  1. Big lost to South Africa at large Maishi was a great guy inspiring with his success I personally lent a lot from him. May his family be strong and know that he was a soldier. And hard working man. I LOVED HIS CURRECTOR

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