How to Create NFT with no Money and Sell It – Step by Step Guide

How to Create NFT with no Money

How to create NFT with no money and sell it for a profit.

Here’s a complete guide on how to create NFT with no money and sell it – from how to select a market place, create and connect your wallet, create an NFT then sell it.

In this article, I show you step by step how you create an NFT.

If you’re brand new to the whole NFT trend, an NFT stands for non-fungible token and the big difference is, for example, if I have $10,000 cash in my right hand and $10,000 cash in my left hand – which one is more valuable? Does it even matter? Because at this point, money is money. One dollar in my left hand is equal to one dollar in my right hand.

But an NFT is unique in the sense that one NFT can be worth a lot more money when compared to another NFT because they are unique and go for different values. That’s the whole idea right there.

An NFT, non-fungible tokens, can be a picture. It can be an audio, it can be a video. It doesn’t just have to be for example like a fancy artwork. I see NFT as, for example, hey I want to create, I want to get paid, I want to get royalties for my work and I also want to support, for example, an artist by buying their stuff. So when you buy an NFT, you’re buying a unique digital file whether a picture, video or audio clip.

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So back to the post.

How to Create NFT with no Money and Sell It:

  • Step 1: Select a Market Place

Now, the very first thing you want to understand is basically, when you are going to create your NFT, it’s very important where you actually are going to list it. You know how, for example, if you want to sell a pair of shoes or sneakers and you want to go either on eBay or Facebook or Craigslist to actually sell it. Those are markets right?

So for NFTs,  different markets also exist and the most popular markets are the ones where you want to be at. This is because if you’re selling something, you want to be selling that thing where the most eyes are actually going to see it. That just makes sense right?

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Remember, while I do my best to screen all companies, I can’t guarantee them and this article is not me endorsing them. So, please do your own due diligence before agreeing to sign up with any of them.

The two most popular markets right now currently are OpenSea and Rarible but there are dozens of other places. You will need to just fact check them before using them.

When you open these two websites for selling NFT, you can actually buy all those board apes, the crypto punks, all the stuff listed on the sites, even for example the cool cats and everything else.

Out of the two marketplaces, OpenSea and Rarible, the one you choose to go with between the two of them depends on you.

  • 2. Be aware of the charges: Gas fees

How to Create NFT with no Money and Sell It – Before our next step, note that a lot of these websites promise you things like free listings. That’s nothing to worry about but in reality, it’s not really that simple. There’s something called Gas and you will hear this a lot when you get into the NFT world.

What is Gas?

When you hear Gas, think about, for example, transaction fees or just fees overall.

So when you go to OpenSea and you want to initiate an account, in reality if you want to make it an NFT like through Ethereum, they’re usually going to charge you a Gas, an initial price to actually get into the whole NFT game and it is usually between $70 to $400 and that’s what makes it able to
support people to be able to list as much NFTs you actually want to without ever having to charge you any fees anymore.

However, don’t forget though that whenever you do sell something, usually they will charge around 2.5 percent up to right now and yes you can also include your royalties in there. So if you want to sell an NFT and you’re like every time this thing sells,  I want to actually make some money, you can
actually put your royalty up to ten percent meaning that every time this thing sells, you get ten percent.

That means the artist keeps getting paid in passive income which is kind of weird honestly. It’s kind of you make something and you sell it and that’s it. But for this whole world and this whole NFT space, they are creating royalties. The same thing goes for Rarible and they have a little fee like between $3 to $60.

But let’s say you don’t have any money and you’re super broke and just don’t want to pay, that’s fine. In this post, I’ll show you the free way to actually do it which is basically through polygon
and also through a second one that is called flow blockchain which is basically a free way to actually create your NFT and actually post them. They have, however cons like, restrictions meaning you won’t be able to make a whole collection of your entities or have auctions. It’s more limited to like one
of ones.

In summary:

Onetime fees: Account initialization fee can cost between $70 -$400 and this is so that Opensea can have access to your wallet .

– Recurring Fees : Auctions that are gas Free

For you: you can also have royalties.

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Alternatives are: Polygon and Flow Blockchain, con is you will be limited. To making 1 of 1s and also no auctions and the type of payment you can accept.

  • Step 3: Create a wallet:

In step three of our How to Create NFT with no Money and Sell It guide, you’re going to want to create a crypto wallet. A crypto wallet is where you basically hold your crypto assets including for example your NFTs. And to create a crypto wallet, again you want to go with the most popular ones because usually the most popular ones have the chance to actually stay around for the longest. They’re actually safer so you can actually use, for example, Coinbase wallet if you want to use a very popular one.

The second most popular one is actually called Metamask and again it is also a crypto wallet. So don’t try to over complicate it.

It’ important to warn you about this – when you are creating your wallet, they’re going to give you for
something like a random words that look like an authentication to make sure you’re protected and if you lose your password, that we can always access your account as long as you have that backup.

So when you get kind of like 12 random words and you have to make sure you get them in that
order now the idea is remember this. Don’t forget this okay. You want to keep that information very
safe you want to either copy and paste it then print it out and put it somewhere safe in a safe or you want to put it in a metal craving. Whatever you want to do but just make sure you keep it safe because in reality, if you forget your password and if you forget for example that second layer, not even Metamask or Coinbase is going to help you. No one can help you once you lose that information, you will not have access to your stuff ever again. You will lose everything so again, make sure you keep this stuff in a safe space, okay?

That’s all i’m telling you – make it encrypted, make it in a usb file. Whenever you receive it, put it on a piece of paper, put it in a safe deposit box, whatever you want to just make sure you don’t lose it.

  • Step 4: Connect your wallet

All right now, step 4 will see us create an account over at Opensea and again this is fairly simple.
It’s not really complicated. If you are going to use Metamask, when you go on Google Chrome or you go on Firefox and you click where it says profile. When you click profile, you then click connect your wallet and that’s how you basically connect to Opensea.

If you are using for example, Coinbase wallet, it’s a lot more simple. Make sure you are careful with third party sites because sometimes it’s scammers.

  • Step 5: Create an NFT

Once you’re inside after connecting your wallet, this is where we actually get into step number five which is basically creating your NFT. Remember, an NFT is a non-fungible token, it could be a picture, music can be recorded, it can be a video. It can be anything.

So this means if you want to create an NFT, it can mean that you are going to go ahead and take a selfie with your guys and then, all of a sudden that’s an NFT.  Obviously, no one’s gonna buy it because it sucks but overall that can be an NFT.

You can also go ahead and use photoshop to create your first NFT and your NFT campaign can be called boring but it’s pretty cool stuff.

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You can use photoshop, pick art, whatever software that is out there to just create something you can use in a jpeg which is the format of a picture, for example a png. It doesn’t really matter that much
but that’s the whole idea.

You can create a single NFT or create a collection like board ape ons. On OpenSea, go to your profile pic, My collection and create one.

  • Step 6: Sell your NFT

How to Create NFT with no Money –  If you want to go ahead and actually create your NFT and actually sell it, here’s how you actually do it on OpenSea.

Back to the OpenSea website, look for where you can click where it says create and upload your first NFT. Again, you can have any number of file tabs – jpeg, png, gif, svg, mp4, mp, mp3. You can have literally anything you actually want to up to a 100mb.

You can then title your NFT, give it a name. You can also include external links which work, for example, let’s say you would want to whenever people buy your NFT, you actually send them an
exclusive link to your discord. Then you can actually set external links up that way which is pretty cool. That way you have like exclusive stuff that come along with your NFT.

You can add your NFT description, is your NFT a collection, you can have a featured image, category for example if it’s art collectible, photography, sports trading cards utility. And for royalty – so again if you would want to have this collection and every time this thing sells, you want to make like five
boring collection I am

You just created your NFT. So, now how do we actually go ahead and and sell this thing? – How to Create NFT with no Money and Sell It!

To sell an NFT is fairly simple. Just click on the page where it says sell but before that, make sure to adjust any of these things you’ll need to because once you do click sell, if you have any things you want to adjust, you will not be able to.

So go ahead and actually adjust it right now and then click sell, complete your listing, unlock currency and sign message. At this point, your NFT will now be listed which you can share on social media.

One cool thing about NFTs, if you are a real artist and you are selling your artwork, it’s cool to be able to sell it make royalties. So, that’s how you do it on OpenSea.


With that, we come to the end of this article.

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