FREE Google Certification Trainings to Help You Work from Home

FREE Google Certification Trainings to Help You Work from Home

Free Google Certification Trainings that will help you work from home and earn money online.

Here are Free Google Certification Trainings you can take right now and when you become certified, you can effortlessly work from home and make money while you are at it.

These are completely free certification trainings that are very good for regular and work from home jobs.

In this post, I show you exactly how you can master some of the most in-demand Google tools out there for free and how you can learn that online, at your own pace and based on e-learning courses that have been developed by Google product experts.

Not only that, but I’ll show you exactly how you can also get Google product certified so that you can start making money with these skills.

The level of interest for Google certifications over the last couple of years has skyrocketed. And this is because more and more companies are looking to hire people who are very well versed and skilled in using Google tools and who also can prove their level of expertise through certifications.

So you really want to stick around and read till the end of this article, because in this article, not only am I going to show you step by step exactly how to get certified for free in these Google tools, but also I’m going to show you where to go and apply for jobs that are hiring right now.

I mean work from home jobs or online job opportunities that are looking for people who can offer skills and expertise in these Google tools. So make sure you read this post to the end.

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So back to the post – Free Google Certification Trainings that can change your life, allow you work from home and make money online!

Meet Google’s Skillshop:

Google Skillshop is a massive opportunity if you want to get Free Google Certification Trainings. If you’re looking to enhance your digital marketing career and work from home, Google Skillshop is a must that is worth your time and effort.

This online platform provides robust learning materials that will help you build your Google tools skills. It also gives you a set of certifications that will validate your knowledge.

To get Free Google Certification Training that can let you work from home and make money online, the first thing that you’re going to need to do is head over to Google’s Skillshop and click on Get Started. 

When you do that, what you’re going to see is this list below of all the Google tools that you can get free Google Certification trainings on.

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Google Skillshop has the following courses:

  1. Google Ads,
  2. Google Analytics 
  3. Google marketing platform,
  4. YouTube,
  5. Waze Academy,
  6. Google for Education,
  7. Google ad manager,
  8. Authorized buyers and
  9. Google Admob.

Now, not all of these 9 courses are going to be something that you want to spend time on and complete. I would definitely suggest you at least focus on Google AdsGoogle ad manager and ideally Google Analytics, that is numbers 1, 7 and 2.

These three courses are really, really key for you to master if you want to go ahead and get free Google Certification Trainings because there is a high demand for people skilled in them.

  • How to take a course on Google Skillshop:

So let’s say you decide to take the Google Ads course as an example. When you click on the Google ads section, you obviously will see 13 sub-courses that you can learn that start with the following topics below:

If you want to build your expertise, you can go ahead and learn all the 13 topics that they show you here. If you feel you can’t do all 13, you can pick only one of these sub topics that you want to specialise in and only go deep and learn that one thing. So for example, you can decide to only do Google Ads search. In that case, you just click on it and take all the courses that they offer here.

However, what I would actually recommend is that you try and take as many as you have time and energy and interest in taking, because that’s when you can claim that you have the expertise and you would rightly be able to do so.

When you have taken all the courses, you can then claim that you are fully certified, which is going to give you a lot more authority. That authority is incredibly important because it’s really hard for people to trust that you’re going to do a good job if you have no way to prove your authority.

And when you are a beginner, it’s hard when you’re just starting out. So having these certifications is definitely going to help you tremendously. So try and get as many as you can within that category.

Each course tells you exactly what you’re going to be able to know at the end of the course.

And as you can see, each course is not going to take you a long, long time because each of these modules is like ten minutes, 21 minutes. So literally, you can complete these courses in, say, two to three hours, probably.

When you are ready to start learning, just go ahead and click on get started and launch the e-learning course. You will need to log in. The courses are all for free and it is not going to ask you to pay for anything.

  • How to get certified after taking the free trainings:

Now, let’s assume that you will have taken the Google Ads Search course under the Google Ads topic, which, by the way, are free, and you now know everything you need to know about Google Ads Search.

What you need to do is come back to the landing page for Google Skillshop and click on ‘Get Certified’.

Then you click Google Ads, then you click Google Ads Search certification.

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You only need to go ahead and then search here for the topic that you want to get certified in and that you feel comfortable getting certified in.

And then go ahead and take the test, click on Google Ads Search assessment, so that you can get the certification that confirms your level of skill and your level of knowledge in terms of that specific topic.

Now, obviously, there are certifications that will be short test. There are others that are going to be a little bit longer, but even the longer ones, we’re talking 20 plus minutes, so it’s not going to be taking a long, long time for you.

And honestly, if you’re really committed to start making money online while working from home and start getting online jobs from some of these places that I’m going to show you in a minute, then in a weekend, you can pretty much go ahead and learn all of these things and get certified in all of these things that you want to specialise in.

After Free Google Certification Trainings and getting certified, what’s next?

Here’s how to make money with your new skills working from home.

So now that we’ve taken a look at where you can find the Google courses, how to tap into this incredible pool of free Google courses that are designed by the Google product experts and how you can get certified for free in these Google products, let’s take a look at how you can actually use these skills and the fact that you’re now certified to make money online while working from home.

It doesn’t matter where you’re based. So for all of my readers that are not based in the U.S. or Canada or the UK, do not worry. This applies to you just as much as it applies to everybody else. So let’s take a look.

  1. Upwork:

So the first place where you can use you can use your new Google product certified skill to start making money right away while working from home is Upwork.

And the reason why I’m going to mention Upwork first is because it has the broadest set of job opportunities out there. I really like Upwork because you can easily see the level of demand that exists for certain skills or for certain types of jobs.

There’s a high demand for people who are specialised in Google Analytics as a skill on Upwork, and as you’ve seen on Google Skillshop, this is a skill you can learn for free and you can get certified in for free in a matter of hours, basically.

I also agree that on Upwork, although they have so many job opportunities, it’s going to be really difficult to stand out especially as a beginner because obviously they have over 18 million freelancers that are active on Upwork website. So I get it. It’s not going to be easy to stand out and start getting jobs immediately when you are not experienced or when you’re just beginning your journey as a freelancer.

Therefore, another place where you can go ahead and find this kind of jobs right now is the next option below:

One really, really cool fact about flex jobs is that they only have vetted job opportunities. So everything that you find on flex jobs is going to be something that has been pre checked and pre vetted by the Flex jobs team so that everything that you will be applying to is 100% legit and 100% trustworthy.

Now, if you go to flex jobs, you just need to type Google Ads or Google Analytics. And as you will see,
there are tons of jobs that you can still tap into that are basically work from anywhere. You will see that there may be over 1000 jobs that offer work from anywhere conditions that are specifically targeting people who are knowledgeable and certified in Google Analytics.

  • 3. Fiverr

Now, the third way that you can use these skills you have just learnt from free Google certification trainings is to start making money right away is on platforms like Fiverr. And the reason why I really like Fiverr, actually is that it’s no longer the five dollar or a gig type of platform. Fiverr has really, really evolved tremendously in the last couple of years.

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On Fiverr, you should be able to find jobs that you would absolutely be able to do yourself when you go through the free Google skills certification training that I showed you.

  • 4. Your local community:

When you get your Google certification, maybe you won’t have the confidence to go after, you know, this kind of jobs from the beginning. But once you do a few of them and you’ve got some under your belt, you’re going to definitely be able to go even further.

Now this is something that allows you to tap into a huge, huge pool of demand worldwide. And the reason why I really like these platforms is that they open the door for you to get leads anywhere in the world, and they don’t limit you to your own community or your own state or country or city wherever you live in now.

If you want to have a face to face or personal interaction with the people you work with, you can definitely do that within your own community because pretty much any small business will need to use Google ads in order to promote themselves  on Google and be able to draw in more people.

And I’m talking here about your beauty salons and your pet groomers and your pizza shops, and you know, pretty much any mom and pop shop, any small business or entrepreneur will want to have an opportunity to bring in more leads and generate more sales. And they often use Google as a way to generate more traffic, more eyeballs onto their online presence or more feeds into their stores.

And if you have the certification and you are trained in Google ads, you can absolutely go ahead and promote yourself among your local community. If that makes you feel a lot more comfortable, and if it makes you have the confidence to go ahead and offer your services with very little risk because at the beginning, you don’t even need to charge necessarily for your services.

You can just charge for the amount that they want to put in the retainer and invest in Google ads afterwards. Once you’ve been able to prove the impact and the outcome of your services, then you can evolve your offering and be able to charge more for your services because you will also be able to commit to an outcome, commit to a result that you can generate for those companies, and they will be absolutely willing to pay you $100, $200, maybe $1,000 a month to manage their ad budget and make sure that you optimize their Google ads in order to generate more traffic into their business.

So definitely, this is something that you can learn for free, get certified for free and get started for free right now and start making money online and start working from home from the comfort of your own place without having to be in the 9 to 5 environment and have the flexibility to do whatever you choose to do and to work with whoever you choose to work with.


My hope is that this article helps you find that job of your dreams. If you found it helpful, please let me know in the comments.

Which of these jobs or companies interests you so much? Feel free to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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