Easy Online Jobs at Home Everyone can Start Now in 2022

Easy Online Jobs at Home

Easy online jobs at home for everyone to start making money online now

In this post, I show you the easy online jobs at home people are using to earn money online without any experience.

These online jobs are among the easiest ways to earn US dollars while working from home. These are easy online jobs at home for everyone – online jobs for stay at home moms to earn money, online jobs for students to earn money, online jobs for teenagers and everyone.

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So back to the post.

Easy online jobs at home for everyone to make money online:

  1. Testing websites and apps

Now, how do you like the sound of testing websites and apps for cash? If you just said that you are not a techie and this sounds like something only a computer genius can do, Says who? That is absolutely not true. In fact, testing websites and answering surveys for cash are almost on the same level. I’ll also be talking about online surveys in this post by the way.

So how does testing websites and apps work and how much money will you be making?

User testers test the functionality of a website or an app by pretty much using the site or the app
as a normal user would. Your job is to make sure the site or app works well and is friendly for the user. And sometimes, you’ll be required to record your screen and voice your opinion or give feedback as you go.

You’d look out for things like a site or app taking forever to load, not easily finding the information one is looking for, etc.

You can get online jobs as a user tester on a number of platforms which pays people to review all kinds of websites. Each review can take around 20 minutes. You could be paid $10 for each test you take. If you test 3 websites in an hour, you’ll be paid $30. So if you’re lucky enough to get like 10 test jobs per day, you’ll make $100.

If you decide to try this user tester online jobs out, please consider signing up on several platforms to increase your earning potential.

  • 2. Paid surveys:

If you got some free time and you’re looking to make some extra cash, maybe $80 on the side or $200 on the side, you can take up answering surveys for cash, also known as paid surveys.

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Businesses use surveys to get feedback which they use to fine-tune their products and services to eventually make more money. That’s why they are willing to pay people like you and me to answer survey questions.

Big you decide to pick this easy online job, don’t expect to quit your job soon. Survey sites don’t pay so much. But you can definitely do it as a side hustle. Having extra dollars in your account won’t

Some of the popular sites that offer paid surveys include Swagbucks, Branded Surveys, and MyPoints. In most cases, money earned is paid through PayPal or gift cards.

Another easy way to make money online is by proofreading for cash. In fact, one of my friends’ first project on Upwork was a proofreading job. She proofread a four-hour transcript for like $60 and she’s still proud of that job.

All you need is to have a good understanding of the English language or the language that you’re interested in. You should have the ability to pick out grammatical, typing or spelling errors very quickly. You can actually make about $18 to $20 per hour proofreading different types of documents. If you proofread five documents a day, you can earn $100 or more.

To get proofreading jobs, sign up on platforms like Fiverr, PeoplePerHour and Upwork. It can take you a bit of time to land your first proofreading job but once you do, it will be the start of great things. I promise. You can choose to work part-time or make it a full time hustle.

If you want, you can transition to transcription jobs which will earn you even more money. To know how much money you can make from transcription jobs and where to get transcription jobs, read any of these two next posts.

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With that, we come to the end of this article on easy online jobs at home.

My hope is that this article helps you find that job of your dreams. If you found it helpful, please let me know in the comments.

Which of these jobs or companies interests you so much? Feel free to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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