Charles Mccord death of Don Imus: Charles Mccord 2019

Charles Mccord death of Don Imus: Don Imus sidekick Charles Mccord is mourning after Don passed away 27 December 2019 aged 79.

Charles Mccord death of Don Imus: Charles Mccord 2019
Charles Mccord death of Don Imus: Charles Mccord 2019

American former news anchor and radio personality Charles Mccord was most notable for his association with Imus in the Morning for over three decades.

During the late 80’s and early 90’s that was the best Morning show of all time. Rob Bartlett, Larry Kenney, Charles McCord and Bernie McGuirk were a great cast of characters.

McCord’s responsibilities on the Imus program included news reporting and writing comedy material for celebrity impersonators Larry Kenney and Rob Bartlett, as well as writing the questions host Don Imus would ask his guests during interviews.

In character, he was usually the straight man and occasionally an Imus sycophant or antagonist.

McCord announced his retirement in April 2011; his retirement became effective May 6.

Charles McCord (born c. 1942) is 77 years old now.

Charles Mccord death of Don Imus: Charles Mccord 2019

Don Imus cause of death is not public. He died Friday morning at Baylor Scott and White Medical Center in College Station, Texas, after being hospitalized on Christmas Eve.

Imus, who had a history of alcoholism and drug use, was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 68. He opened up about his prognosis on-air saying:

“I think it was all the stress that caused this.”

“The day you find out is fine. But the next morning when you get up, your knees are shaking. I didn’t think I could make it to work. Had great confidence in my doctors. I’ll be fine. If I’m not fine, I won’t be fine. It’s not a big deal. The prognosis couldn’t be better.”

One time McCord erupted into a tirade over something Imus has done was after weeks and weeks of Imus kept talking about his prostrate cancer.

Imus was beginning almost every conversation with a guest by announcing he has it, accusing guests who make some unrelated caustic remark of bullying a cancer patient, McCord will finally blow his stack – as he did when Imus brought up his cancer on the morning of the show’s debut on the Fox Business Network:

“Everybody knows you have prostate cancer,” said Charles. “Everybody! Headhunters in New Guinea know you have prostate cancer. Lost tribes in the Amazon know you have prostate cancer. … Nobody cares. Nobody!

You want to know why nobody cares? Because you have killed sympathy. Because you have gone on with this crap so long you have KILLED SYMPATHY!

You have not only killed sympathy for yourself, you have killed sympathy for cancer patients. You have SISSY cancer! Your cancer is never going to harm you in ANY FATAL WAY.

You’re going to get killed by something else – probably somebody around here with a baseball bat, if you don’t stop it.”

Watch the video here:

Imus is survived by his wife Deirdre, his sons Wyatt and Lt. Zachary Don Cates and daughters Nadine, Ashley, Elizabeth and Toni.

Read reactions to Don Imus death from fans on social media. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

“Heard that radio shock jock legend Don Imus has died at age 79. Gotta be honest..I was really influenced by him early on..and not for the shock part..which he did frequently..but for his candence, chilled out golden voice and morning show fun with his long time newsman, Charles McCord.

I found him on a satellite channel I could record while I did my radio show out in South Dakota. I would record his New York shows on a huge 10 inch reel to reel machine and then listen to it after my show.

The great positive thing he did was create a ranch for kids. His controversial radio career should be helped greatly by what he did for charities and kids..RIP I-Man..”

I’ll never forget this. When I was in middle school I used to set my alarm for 6 A.M and of course in would be set to 660 A.M. I remember this morning to this day because I remember it like yesterday when Charles McCord went at the I-Man while I was getting ready for school. Can’t believe I was only in 7th grade 😬

The I-Man has died. I am so sad. RIP Don Imus, the rauchiest, quickest of them all.

I was always entertained and didn’t miss a show until he went to a cable channel I don’t have/buy.

THE best of Charles McCord:

This photo shows me interviewing RADIO SHOCK JOCK DON IMUS and his News Anchor CHARLES MCCORD for my College TV Project called “CAREERS IN BROADCASTING.”
R.I.P. Don Imus.

A radio titan has died. Don Imus died today at the age of 79. Imus started off mornings for a lot of us with his irreverent and politically incorrect comments on his Imus In The Morning show. He never hesitated to speak what was on his mind. Those of us who listened to him felt like we knew him and his cohorts, Bernard McGuirk and Charles McCord personally. He once broadcast his show from Charlotte Motor Speedway. I was fortunate to obtain his autograph several years ago. In 2018 he tearfully signed off the air for the final time. Here is a recording of his last moments behind the mike.

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