Helltown Ohio death: Boston Ohio teenager death 2016

Helltown Ohio death: Boston Ohio teenager death 2016 – what really happened?

Helltown Ohio death: Boston Ohio teenager death 2016

Helltown movie, which originally aired in 2017 on Destination America recently aired on Travel Channel.

If you have been wondering if the Helltown teenager death 2016 story is real or fake, what the true story behind the Boston Ohio teenager killed really is, here is all you need to know.

Helltown Ohio death: Boston Ohio teenager death 2016

The abandoned area of Summit County in Ohio that included Boston Village and Boston Township
was nicknamed Helltown after it became an eerily deserted and ghostly township.

The area was abandoned in 1974 after President Gerald Ford’s administration issued an evacuation order.

There are many alleged claims as to why the evacuation order was given.

According to some reports, a dangerous chemical spill that caused mutations among the human residents and animals in the area and created a monstrous python known as the Peninsula Python was the reason.

Another report claims Helltown was abandoned due to persistent and disturbing paranormal activities involving spirits and ghosts.

There’s a story that an old abandoned church building in Helltown was the base of a satanic cult that terrorized the residents.

Another story says an abandoned school bus in Helltown is haunted by the ghost of a serial killer and a group of school children the serial killer kidnapped and murdered.

A different version of that story claims the children were abducted and killed by Satanists in a mass sacrificial ritual.

The truth, however is that Boston village, founded in 1806, and Boston Township, were abandoned in 1974 after the federal government decided to take the land due to rising concerns about rapid deforestation.

The land was to be used to create what is currently known as Cuyahoga National Park.

The government forced the original residents of Helltown to sell their properties.

President Gerald Ford signed a bill in December 1974 that empowered the National Park Service to take over lands to establish the Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area.

Boston Township was part of the area in northern Ohio designated as Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area. Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area was re-designated a national park in 2000.

However, the area remained an abandoned township after the residents left and the government has not implemented the original plan to demolish the houses and develop the area into a park as proposed.

The Helltown movie is not real. The film is a mockumentary that offers a fictional treatment of the urban legends surrounding the ghostly township in Ohio.

The movie has a disclaimer that reads:

“Any similarities in the film to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental… Though certain events in film are fictional, the town of Boston, Ohio, was real, and was forcibly evacuated by the United States Government in 1975.”

There is no record of a Boston Ohio teenager girl killed in the area by a wendigo.

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  1. I’ve watched a number of times, not a Windago!! Was Satanists that were responsible for the death. Based on truth. Paranormal

  2. Is it real??? Its on TV now in England Monday 24 October 2022 ,1130 pm. Conspiracy theorists,army survey team and army documentary team.. cult, missing people.
    I’m interested , please contact me by email.

    1. I’m headed there tomorrow. I’ve been there before but didn’t have the nerve to go in. The locals have told me to stay out ! Especially if I’m feeling the urge to go in. I have to check it out! It will be getting dark by the time I get there tomorrow. I’m torn on whether that is a good or bad thing. Wish me luck ! Jason..

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