Hector Cabral gives his version of how Yatnna Rivera mama died

Hector Cabral has given his version of how Yatnna Rivera mama died.

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Doctor Héctor Cabral has been suspended by the Dominican Society of Plastic Surgery since 2015. Hector Cabral is the director of the International Center for Advanced Plastic Surgery (CIPLA).

Dr Cabral is accused of medical malpractice, after allegedly piercing Yatnna Rivera mama, 51 year old Altagracia Díaz lung during an aesthetic procedure to the mother of model Yatnna Rivera.

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According to reports, Yatnna’s mother, Altagracia Díaz, 51, was taken three times to intensive care, according to preliminary data from the authorities.

Hector Cabral deaths:

Scroll down to watch surgeon Héctor Cabral give his version during a press conference about the death of the mother of the influencer Yatnna Rivera after cosmetic surgery.

According to reports online, Dr. Héctor Cabral, today involved in Altagracia Díaz death, mother of Yatna Rivera, was arrested in 2011, tried and found guilty in Manhattan Criminal Court for practicing medicine illegally and mutilating several Dominican women between the years 2006 and 2009.

Reports say he was sentenced by Judge Laura Ward, after the doctor pleaded guilty and reached an agreement with the State Attorney General’s office, 250 hours of community service, did not return to the US for 3 years, paid a fine of US $ 5,000 and indemnify 7 victims with $ 23,000 dollars.

Attorney General Schneiderman reportedly said:

“The practice of medicine without a license is a very serious crime in New York, and we will seek appropriate punishment for anyone who takes advantage of vulnerable communities to make quick money.

Mr. Cabral and Ms. Melo lured unsuspecting patients with bargain prices for very complex medical procedures, putting their own greed before the health and safety of their victims.”

Yatna Rivera says that the death of her mother in the International Center of Advanced Plastic Surgery (CIPLA) located in Pedro Henríquez Ureña street next to Alma Mater, was due to the negligence of the doctor in charge, Dr. Héctor Cabral.

He allegedly did not notify them after the death of his family member and he fled. Then Dr. Cabral, through his Instagram, said that the girl’s mother died before starting the operation.

This is not the first time that Dr. Cabral is involved in scandal for the death of his patients. On more than one occasion, Hector Cabral International Center for Advanced Plastic Surgery remained in the sights of the health authorities.

Back in 2010, he was sued by several patients who accused him of disfiguring their bodies.

In 2013, three women died, in 2015 it was closed after the death of another woman, in 2016 the story is repeated: another woman dies, in 2017, one more death was reported, on June 14, 2018 – another death. Then fast forward to today – another death Altagracia Díaz death, mother of Yatna Rivera.

May her soul rest in perfect peace.

Watch Dr Hector story about what happened to Altagracia Díaz below:

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