Luke Johnson death: How Luke Johnson Omaha death happened

Luke Johnson death happened on the 9th of May 2019. Details about how Luke Johnson Omaha death happened, his cause of death are still sketchy at this moment.

Luke Johnson death Luke Johnson Omaha death lailasnews

Luke’s death has thrown Omaha and the music community into mourning. Tributes shared in his memory all say how much he will be missed and also remembered. Read them below.

Luke Johnson death

Read touching tributes from Luke Johnson Omaha’s loved ones and family:

  • From Johny Olberding:

I dont even know what to say right now. Luke Johnson is seriously one of the greatest guys I’ve met in my life.

Countless shows, and several early mornings jamming to him playing the guitar after far to many beers. I am so grateful for all the memories and times together.

The worst part is to see your family and especially your wife Jayme Johnson go through this. I have honestly out of all of my friends never seen a woman light up someone’s world like she did for you.

I remember sitting at your wedding watching the video and seeing you two dance. It’s that feeling of true love. Perfect for each other I said several times that night. Please look after us all. I love you brother. Rest In Peace

  • From Amanda Braegelmann:

R.i.p Luke Johnson
I remember going over to your house in high school and hanging out in your pool! We had some good memories as teenagers together who hadn’t experienced what real life was like quite yet.

Once we graduated we lost touch….

Then I saw you a few years ago and had so much fun catching up with you and Seth over a couple of drinks at 2 Fine Irish Men. It was a crazy night….I remember trying to get you to “wobble” haha

I was always following your music career on Facebook since then and always thought to myself, “Dang, he’s going to make it big! He’s so talented!” Your music touch many people’s lives as well as their hearts.

Your life was taken way too soon. You were such a great person and I’m fortunate to have known you, even if we did lose touch over the years. Rest easy buddy. My prayers go out to your wife and family.

  • From The Shineys:

I (Tica) met Luke Johnson at Guitar Center when I first moved to Omaha back in 2014. He was so friendly, he’d never met me and no idea what we could do, but he invited us to open for him at his regular Two Fine Irish Men gig.

We’ve all done a million things since then, but I always held a warm spot for Luke and the way he kind of welcomed me into Omaha music.

I was so happy when he met his wife and you could just see how great they were together – just seemed like everything was roses.

Hug your loved ones, show all the things because tomorrow is not promised. Rest Easy dear boy.

  • From The Diamond Room:

Luke was an amazing light in this world. God must’ve had bigger plans for him, he will surely be missed.
Thank you to Omaha Musicians Live for introducing us to someone so talented. We send our deepest condolences to Leah and the rest of the Johnson Family.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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