Dr Cabral deaths: List of Dr Cabral deaths before Yatnna Rivera mama

Dr Cabral deaths: See list of Dr Cabral deaths before Yatnna Rivera mama died during a plastic surgery performed by Dr. Héctor Cabral, owner of International Center for Advanced Plastic Surgery (CIPLA) in Dominican Republic.

Dr Cabral deaths Yatnna Rivera mama lailasnews

Yatnna’s mum is Dr Cabral’s latest victim.

UPDATE: Hector Cabral gives his version of how Yatnna Rivera mama died

In June 2018, Katherine Jacqueline Pérez Minaya traveled to Dominican Republic from the United States, to undergo plastic surgery. She suffered a cardiac arrest during Dr. Cabral’s procedure.

In 2017, reports say at least four women died after undergoing cosmetic surgeries in Dr. Cabral’s center.

Dr Cabral deaths: How Yatnna Rivera mama died plastic surgery

According to the victim’s daughter, Yatnna Rivera who made a live Video which was in Spanish, here is how her mother died:

  • Her mother was taken in for surgery around 9AM.
  • Shortly after, Yatnna was informed by the doctor that due to “complications pre-operation” they were unable to operate.
  • They take her to a “recovery room” where her mother is allegedly sedated and hooked up to machines and tell her, her mom is stable.
  • AT 1PM, Yatnna Rivera begins asking questions, Dr. Héctor Cabral, owner of International Center for Advanced Plastic Surgery (CIPLA) is nowhere in sight.
  • She was told to speak to two other people, whom then informed Yatnna Rivera that her mother had died.
  • Yatnna says, she felt in her heart that her mother was ALREADY DEAD, when they showed her, her body… under the guise that she was merely sedated.
  • Despite Dr Cabral LYING saying they never got to operate, it was obvious by the incision & bruising above her butt, that they did in fact, begin the procedure!
  • There are unconfirmed reports that Yatnna’s madre went in for a breast lift. Perhaps they were trying to lipo her bra line, as it appears the method of death, according to the daughter, is a PROFERATED LUNG. And this was confirmed by her uncle, whom is a doctor in DR.

Dr Cabral arrested

Cabral was captured at an airport in Dominica Republic, trying to flee the country. Reports say it’s only thanks to Yatnna Rivera quick thinking, going live, urging & pleading for the public to help her and spread the word, that he was apprehended, before having a chance to escape.

Years ago, Dr Cabral was banned from stepping foot in United States of America.

His latest victim, Yatnna Rivera’s 51 year old mother, had planned to reduce her breasts and extract seromas (fluid accumulation).

May her soul rest in perfect peace.

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