Why I dumped beauty pageant for rap music – Ex-beauty queen, Munachi Abii

Former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Munachi Abii has opened up on whay she switched from beauty pageants to building a career in rap music.

According to the rapper and actress, beauty pageants don’t prepare the contestants for what lies ahead.

Abii, who won the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (2007), spoke in an interview with Hip TV, where he disclosed that friends in the music industry helped bring her into the fold.

She said; “Being a beauty queen was very interesting. Unfortunately, I felt like I was thrust into the deep end too quickly. It is not just about me. I feel it’s a beauty pageant industry thing. Beauty pageants never really prepare one for what lies ahead.

They just tell one to put oneself together and that’s about it. They tell one that whatever one does, one should make sure one does not disrespect the brand, at least in the first year. There is a whole lot more to it which I had to learn along the way.”

Speaking on why she became a rapper, she said, “From there, I became a rapper. I always wrote music. I had friends in the music industry, so they brought me along. Typically, beauty queens are expected to be singers but I did not want to be like everybody else. I wanted to stand out and rapping was something that stood out. Till date, I have not come across any beauty queen that raps.”

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