27-year-old man drowns in Lagos hotel pool on Valentine’s Day, family suspects foul play

27-year-old, Adekunle Ojo, reportedly drowned inside a pool on Valentine’s Day at a hotel in the Baruwa area in Lagos state.

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It was gathered that his body was retrieved from the pool with fresh marks on his body which made his family to suspect foul play.

Ojo, who lived on Unity Aghedo Estate, Ipaja, was said to have left home around 1pm that Monday to attend a poolside party at the hotel.

The deceased reportedly swam in the pool after the party and had done about two rounds before the tragedy struck and he was rushed to the Igando General Hospital where he was confirmed dead.

The incident was reported at the Alagolo Police Station and the family was contacted.

According to PUNCH, Ojo’s father, Femi, said during the week that two of his children went to the hotel to get the details of circumstances surrounding the death.

He said, “When the incident happened, I didn’t go there. What I know is that he went to the pool to swim and we heard the following day that he died. It was my son and daughter who went there to know what happened and they came to give me feedback.”

One of the two siblings, Adenike, said the family and the hotel manager were invited by the police and the latter claimed Ojo stayed back after other guests had left.

She said, “My brother left the house around 1pm on Monday. A party was held by the pool side at the hotel. The next thing we heard on Tuesday morning was that he drowned. When we got to the police station, the manager said my brother was the only one at the pool side. He also said the life guard wasn’t around at the time he was swimming.

“When we watched the CCTV footage, we saw that he entered the hotel around past 3pm. We even saw him dancing with one lady. At night, we saw that he pulled off his clothes, entered the pool and started swimming. He swam back and forth then, but we didn’t see him again.

“We saw how people jumped into the water but we didn’t see how they removed his body. We just saw that they already carried him out of the water. We didn’t see how they removed his body. There are bruises on his head and back. What happened was not glaring enough so we want the matter to be investigated. What we saw on the CCTV was totally different from what the hoteliers told us.”

The hotel manager, identified only as Micahael, said via phone call that, “I wasn’t in the whole story. If you want to talk to anybody, maybe you should talk to the lifeguard. He will be in the best position to talk. I am headed somewhere now. Once I am free, I will send you his number.”

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