Sunny Garcia death: Sunny Garcia suicide – see last Instagram post

Sunny Garcia death news just broke and according to reports, Sunny Garcia had attempted suicide. Reliable sources have however updated saying Sunny Garcia is still alive.

Sunny Garcia death suicide lailasnews

Brazilian News agency Waves reports that some sources told them the surfer was dead but former professional athlete Peter King says Sunny Garcia is in the hospital and has a chance of survival.

Sunny Garcia is said to be in a hospital in Seattle in a critical state and has a chance of survival.

On social media, legends like Derek Ho and Raimana Van Bastolaer have said a prayer for Sunny to survive.

Sunny Garcia death:

Professional surfer, Sunny Garcia grew up in Wai’anae and after leaving school, debuted on the 1986 Gotcha Pro at Sandy Beach, Oahu, beating the 1984 champ Tom Carroll.

Below is Sunny’s last Instagram post on his handle @SunnyGarcia on the 28th of April, 2019:

Sunny Garcia instagram lailasnews

The caption of the photo reads:

If I told this kid the things he would go through and things he would achieve he would tell me I’m crazy lol Wow it’s been a crazy ride since this photo was taken

This Instagram post was made just a day ago as at the time of writing this report.

On their website, Brazilian news agency apologised to netizens and sympathized with Sunny’s recovery. Sources close to the Waves had confirmed the death of the Hawaiian to them 22 hours ago. Soon after, reports said the Hawaiian was still struggling for life in the hospital.

We are praying for good news about Sunny Garcia when all this is over.

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