Chronically Jaquie death: How Jaquie Beckwith death happened

Chronically Jaquie death happened on the 29th of April, 2019.

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Jaquie Beckwith death was announced on Facebook by Fight Like a Warrior in a statement that read:

It is with great sadness that we tell you of the passing of our December 2018 Warrior of the Month Jaquie.

We are including our February 2019 Warrior of the Month, Abby’s, words about Jaquie below. Abby nominated Jaquie last December.

“Jaquie Beckwith was one of the most kindest, strongest, sweetest person I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Sadly on April 29th she passed away. She was December’s Warrior of the month but she was a warrior every single day. When I really started getting sick I was so scared. I felt so alone and didn’t know what to expect on this journey.

Then I found Jaquie’s YouTube channel. Since then I have been lucky to have gotten to know her and to call her a friend. She has helped me every single day coping, learning, keep moving forward, and being so kind. I am so heartbroken she is gone, as are many people.

Jaquie, we will all miss you so much and I’m so sorry this happened so unexpectedly. I hope you are now free of pain and that your family and friends can begin to cope. Sending you so much love and thank you so much for being my absolute role model.”

We are sending our love to Jaquie’s friends and family during this time. Please keep them in your thoughts!

Chronically Jaquie death: How Jaquie Beckwith death happened

Jaquie Beckwith died April 29th 2019 at the age of 23. Below is an update from Jacquie’s husband, Judd on their Patreon account about Jacquie’s last hours:

Jaquie Beckwith death lailasnews


Jacquie’s family has closed off all of their social media for the time being and need time to grieve.

Read touching tributes from Jaquie Beckwith’s loved ones:

  • From AliceShutupplz:

My heart is absolutely broken over the death of Chronically Jaquie. So young and full of life. I cannot begin to express the impact she has had on me.

  • From Post Traumatic victory:

I just got news of the death of someone I really look up to in the YouTube, service dog and chronic illness communities. I’m having trouble processing this information and my heart is heavy. Thank you for everything you’ve done for the disabled community, Jaquie. May you run, jump and eat to your hearts content in the afterlife I sincerely believe was made just for you. Rest peacefully. ❤️

May her soul rest in perfect peace.

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6 thoughts on “Chronically Jaquie death: How Jaquie Beckwith death happened

  1. I never actually met you but your vlog meant a lot to me .You fought hard for people in the disability and chronic illness community . I have been sad ever since I heard you passed I struggle with chronic pain and live with a disability I looked forward to your videos when you shared your life I felt less alone . I am so sorry for Judd Harlow and the family will be lost without her . May God bless your family may peace cover you in your time of greif.

  2. you said it all, she was a help to many, may God some how fill the hole she leaves behind and we may all be inspired to move forward and do more with ourselves. Blessings.

  3. I really hope someone can delete the comment from the troll. He has posted on other tribute sites too. I know that Jaquie and her family just ignored the haters. But I still dope someone can delete this lessons co. Ents to her family won’t see it,,

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