John Singleton cause of death: How did John Singleton died?

John Singleton cause of death is stroke which he had on April 17, 2019. How did John Singleton died?

John Singleton cause of death_ How did John Singleton died lailasnews

The acclaimed director died from a stroke on 29th April 2019 shortly after his family removed him from life support. He had been in a coma since suffering the stroke on April 17.

Singleton was 51 years old.

John Singleton cause of death: How did John Singleton died?

A statement from the Singleton family read.

“We are sad to relay that John Singleton has died. John passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family and friends.

We want to thank the amazing doctors at Cedars-Sinai Hospital for their expert care and kindness and we again want thank all of John’s fans, friends and colleagues for all of the love and support they showed him during this difficult time.”

Singleton’s publicist said after his stroke on 17 April that the director had quietly battled with high blood pressure throughout his life.

The news of John Singleton death comes just a week after his daughter, Cleopatra Singleton, said that the family was optimistic that he would survive.

Strokes happen when the blood supply to a part of your brain is blocked by a blood clot, or a blood vessel in the brain bursts. Parts of the brain become damaged or die, and every minute counts.

John Singleton’s stroke case highlights that strokes can happen at young age.

In the United states, stroke is the fifth cause of death for adults and the leading cause of disability, according to the American Stroke Association. Someone in the United States has a stroke every 40 seconds. It kills more than 185,000 Americans each year. It affects African-Americans more than any other racial group in the United States.

John Singleton and Luke Perry’s deaths have stunned Hollywood and the public, serving as a reminder that strokes can occur even at a relatively young age.

May John’s soul rest in perfect peace.

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