Prophetess Ngwu reveals she uses herbs not prayers for healing

Nigerian prophetess and gospel singer, Onyinyechukwu Priscilla Ngwu, has said that she uses herbs to heal the sick as it is a God-given remedy for health issues.

The founder of Wind of Glory Healing Global Ministry (House of Joy) also said she uses ministration to mend broken hearts.

Ngwu stressed that there was nothing wrong with using herbal medicine to treat oneself even as a Christian.

She said Africans don’t appreciate their God-given resources, whereas other countries like China take it seriously because they know the importance.

The clergywoman further advocated for Nigeria to start exporting herbs to the rest of the world.

Ngwu said; “There is nothing bad about using herbs to treat oneself. They are natural and freely provided by God for our use. The problem with some of us Africans is that we don’t appreciate ourselves and use our God-given resources.

Countries such as China don’t play with such things, because they realise their importance. As a matter of fact, we should be exporting our herbs to different parts of the world.

“I appreciate the gifts God has given me and the grace which has helped me to sustain them. Through my ministration, I mend broken hearts. I also use the knowledge and skills I have in herbal medicine to treat people who are sick. Through those gifts, God has used me to heal a lot of people around the world.”

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