Vlogger King Snow attacked by boyfriend’s pregnant baby mama while on date with him

South African vlogger and content creator, King Snow, suffered an assault at a restaurant while on a date night with her boyfriend, Brian.

His alleged baby mama, who is heavily pregnant stormed the venue of their date and attacked both of them.

Some videos making the rounds on social media shows the pretty influencer and her boyfriend eating, moments before his pregnant baby mama walked in.

She approached their table while they were taking photos and snatched the drink which King Snow was holding and scattered the plate of food.

The vlogger stood up to face the pregnant lady who also attacked Brian and they exchanged punches for a brief moment before security at the establishment intervened.

King Snow tried to follow the other lady out to continue the fight, but she slipped and fell to the floor

After being separated, the baby mama who dressed in red, was escorted out of the premises by security men.

Watch video below:



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