Nasboi condemns AMVCA for snubbing him and nominating inferior Skit Makers

Skit maker, Lawal Michael Nasiru Bolaji, aka Nasboi, has berated the organisers of the AMVCA, for not nominating him in the Online Social Content Creator category, in the award’s 9th edition.


During his appearance on TVC’s ESplash, he asserted that he had a more successful career in 2022 compared to many other skit makers, emphasizing his belief that he deserved at least a nomination, even if he did not win the award.

While acknowledging the inclusion of content creators in the AMVCA two years ago, he expressed his frustration, stating that he deserved recognition in the recent edition.

He confidently highlighted his exceptional content in 2022, blending humour and inspiration, and claimed that the video he submitted for the nomination was superior to many of the nominated entries.

Nasboi clarified that while winning the award would have been a bonus, a nomination was his primary goal as he felt it was well-deserved.

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