Mother reportedly rejects her daughter’s marriage to a yahoo boy who sponsored her education

A Twitter user has narrated how a mother prevented her daughter from marrying an internet fraudster, popularly known as “Yahoo boy,” despite his significant contributions to their lives.

According to the Twitter user @iam_gomez1, who shared the story on the platform, the young man sponsored the lady’s education and even took care of her mother and siblings while she was in school.

However, now that she has completed her studies and the young man is ready to settle down with her, her mother is adamantly refusing to give her consent.

“This guy sponsored his girlfriend’s university education, paid her fees, bought her study materials, gave her monthly allowances, and took care of her mother and siblings. She has finished school, and my guy reached out to her mother to discuss marriage. They said their daughter can’t marry a ‘Yahoo boy.’ Lol, she went ahead to arrange a sugar daddy for her daughter. The man will be the one to marry her,” @iam_gomez1 wrote on Twitter.

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