Margaret Mihaljevic cause of death: How Amy Mihaljevic mother died

Margaret Mihaljevic cause of death: Here is how Amy Mihaljevic mother died aged 54 after her 10-year-old daughter Amy Mihaljevic was kidnapped and killed in Ohio.

Margaret Mihaljevic cause of death lailasnews


Margaret McNulty, aka Margaret Mihaljevic cause of death was suggested to be a severe complications of lupus.

According to McNulty’s mother, her daughter suffered from severe complications of lupus. And after her grandchild Amy was kidnapped and killed, the depression from the tragic event didn’t help.

Henrietta McNulty, McNulty’s mother said:

“She never got over losing her little girl, little Amy.

The lupus probably killed her, but the depression didn’t help. She was still so sad.”

Margaret Mihaljevic cause of death: How Amy Mihaljevic mother died

Amy Mihaljevic mother died in her Las Vegas apartment at the age of 54. She was found dead.

10-year-old Amy Mihaljevic was kidnapped and killed in Ohio in an unsolved case. She was last seen Oct. 27, 1989, with a man at a shopping mall in a suburb of Cleveland.

According to a Cleveland newspaper, authorities believe her abductor probably called the girl at home, posing as an acquaintance of her mother and drawing her to the mall where she was kidnapped.

Amy Mihaljevic disappearance would later end after it prompted a nationwide search that ended Feb. 9, 1990 when a jogger found her body near a country road in Ashland County, Ohio.

Amy had been stabbed twice in the neck and struck with a blunt object on the back of her head.

Amy’s killer has not been caught, authorities don’t have a solid suspect after Ohio police and the FBI received dozens of leads.

In 2000, eleven years after her daughter’s slaying, McNulty moved from the Cleveland area to Las Vegas.

The period she died, her mother said she last heard from her daughter the previous two weeks.

Henrietta McNulty said:

“She wasn’t answering her phone or coming by for her mail, and I knew something was wrong,”

She went to her daughter’s apartment, but there was no answer when she knocked on the door.

“I didn’t have a key, so I called police, and they broke in and found her dead,” Henrietta said.

It appeared Margaret Mihaljevic – Amy Mihaljevic mother – had been dead for several days.


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