Iyanya can be arrested for pushing fan off stage – Police

The Nigeria Police Force has reacted to the reports that Nigerian singer, Iyanya pushed someone off the stage.

The Police said that the Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk, popularly known by his stage name, Iyanya can be arrested for pushing a fan off stage if the victim makes an official complaint.

The Delta State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Bright Edafe, said this while reacting to the trending controversial video footage showing Iyanya pushing a fan off stage while performing on stage in Awka.

The viral video shows Iyanya performing his hit song ‘One Side’, in Awka, while standing next to him was a fan who was spraying money directly on his face. From the video, the action of the fan got the artist upset, hence, he pushed the fan off stage.

Inyanya later tweeted, saying that the fan was slapping his face with the money, describing it as “disrespectful.”

“The guy kept slapping my face with the money and I tried to hold his hand and he continued. First, no matter how much you are spraying, don’t slap someone with it, that’s disrespectful,” Iyanya tweeted.

As the incident continued to trend on social media, the Delta Police spokesman noted that Iyanya might be arrested for his action if the fan approached police authority to make an official report.

DSP Edafe said, “Normally, if that guy makes an official report, @Iyanya can be arrested for this. I come in peace.”

Meanwhile, the artist’s action has been generating several arguments on Twitter and other social media platforms with some people supporting his actions while some others have condemned it, saying he could have walked away from the fan. The fan in question has not made any public statement or officially lodged a complaint to the police.

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