IVD: Blessing Okoro warns celebs, threatens to insult them

Socialite, Blessing Okoro Nkiruka has issued a stern warning to the people, especially celebrities, asking her to shut her mouth following her comments on the death of late bimbo, ex-wife of businessman, IVD.

Blessing Okoro said in a video that she will insult anyone who reaches out to her advising her to back out of IVD and late wife’s case.

The popular relationship and s,ex therapist is heard saying;

“And to those people who are calling me and telling me blessing mind my business especially the celebrities, I want to warn you if you are close to me and you a celebrity and you send me a DM or call me again I will insult you.

Because whenever you have problem most of you come to my DM to side you, whenever you have issues a lot of you come to my DM and say blessing please can you just use your voice and save me. It has reached another person turn now just because you are friends with them blessing mind your business.

Do you know how many celebrities that beg me when they have controversy for me to just put a word for them do you know how many celebrities I have saved when they have controversy.

This same man is a man that most of you celebrities go to club and you drink with. E dey pop Hennessy for all of una…this same IVD.

Suddenly he has a problem all of you are shouting mind your business and your business you need to be careful about the people you call friends I’m so shocked when people are calling me and telling me blessing are you related to IVD.”

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