Shaun King accident in 2003: How Shaun King accident happened

Shaun King accident in 2003: American writer, civil rights activist Jeffery Shaun King survived a car accident that nearly killed him in November 2003. He was 23 years old at the time of the accident.

Shaun King accident in 2003: How Shaun King accident happened

Shaun King accident happened as he drove down the Kentucky interstate with his wife, Rai. They were visiting their family for Thanksgiving and were headed for a movie date with Shaun’s brother and his wife.

Shaun had reached for his car radio to hit repeat button on a track he and his wife just enjoyed when  the tires of their sedan hit an invisible patch of black ice.

At sixty-five miles per hour, Shaun King’s car began to spin out of control right through the middle of the interstate.

Their black Mitsubishi hit a ditch, barrelled out of the ditch, went airborne into oncoming traffic and collided with a large pickup truck.

In the accident, Shaun had gone through the windshield of his car face first.

Somehow, Shaun was able to swerve just enough to keep the truck from killing his wife.

He was ejected through the windshield, face first into the dense glass.

The instant his face crashed through the thick windshield, they hit a guardrail on the opposite side of the interstate.

The blunt impact and miraculously perfect timing flung Shaun King’s body back into the car.

Shaun King accident in 2003:

After the crash, Shaun had 400 stitches, his eyelid sewed back on as well as most of his bottom lip back on.

In 2018, he shared tweets about the crash and wrote:

This is me after a brutal car accident in 2003. Black ice on the roads.

Went through the windshield face first. Hit the guardrail before I was fully ejected. Threw me back into the car.

400 stitches. Sewed my eyelid back on. Sewed most of my bottom lip back on.

It was brutal.

This is the most I’ve ever related to Bruce Wayne/Batman.

I currently have two ruptured discs in my neck.
3 more in my back (have had 4 spinal surgeries).
A healed fracture in my shoulder.
Two torn, partially healed rotator cuffs.
Chronic migraines – maybe from concussions.

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