RPI student death: Yeming Shen cause of death – what happened?

RPI student death: Yeming Shen body was found Monday, February 10 in his off-campus apartment by his roommate.

RPI student death: Yeming Shen cause of death

There has been speculation that 24 year old Yeming Shen cause of death was coronavirus but this is not verified. Again, the RPI student has not travelled out of the United States in a year.

Yeming Shen body was found at the City Station Apartments on 6th Ave. between Ferry St. and Congress St.

The New York State Health Department says it’s working with officials in Rensselaer County.

Troy police, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention are investigating the death of the student at RPI. Troy police do not believe any foul play was involved.

An autopsy was being done Tuesday afternoon for a cause of death. When complete, samples will be sent for testing.

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  1. Autopsy results reported that the Chinese student died of N1H1, not the seasonal flu. N1H1 is transmittable by surface contact of the virus or human-to-human transmission (sneezing towards someone).

    Has anyone looked into how/who this unfortunate student transmitted H1N1 from? It would seem pretty logical that there’s someone he had contact with who also had it. How many others might have it? And, although ‘politically’ inappropriate, could it be that this student actually had COVID-19 but Rensselaer County Health officials just didn’t have the testing means available to them to determine it as the cause of death?

    Given the lack of testing available in the US, most especially (way back) then, how could the County unequivocally determine that it was not COVID?

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