Mark Latunski Kevin Bacon death after Grindr date – what happened

Mark Latunski Kevin Bacon death – Kevin Bacon missing December 24 was found dead December 28 in Shiawassee County Bennington Township after meeting up with a man he’d met on Grindr, a dating app.

Mark Latunski Kevin Bacon death after Grindr date

A 50-year-old man has been arrested on an open murder charge related to Kevin Bacon death. The suspect’s name is being withheld pending arraignment which according to Michigan State Police Special 1st Lt. David Kaiser could be in Shiawassee County District Court as early as Monday, Dec. 30.

Read below alleged reports on social media about Mark Latunski kidnapping and Kevin Bacon death:

Holy Sh*t the #GrindrKiller’s name is Olykos Kai Lukas

His real name Mark Latunski

this man was found murdered after a grindr meet up in Michigan on Christmas Eve. I saw it on facebook and noticed he had several #jeffreestar tattoos. I wanted you to see this and all of us can keep his friends and family in our thoughts.

The man who murdered him was convicted of kidnapping in 2013 and then about a month or two ago he was holding someone hostage in his basement who was able to flee and get away safely but the courts said he was not fit for trial, and then this happens. Sad day.

Mark Latunski

The craziest part is man who murdered Kevin was chasing the man who escaped,who has naked only wearing a cape, down the road and the murderer told police it was consensual and he was only chasing him because he wanted his cape back.

It’s been all over the news in Michigan since Christmas, have multiple friends who knew Kevin. The community is most definitely shocked. This could’ve been prevented.

In 2013 Mark Latunski was charged with kidnapping and parental interference. He went thru a competency hearing and was found INCOMPETENT to stand trial! We pray that he doesn’t get away with murder and is found competent to stand trial!


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