Light Up shoes for girls toddlers, kids: buyers’ guide

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Light Up shoes for girls toddlers, kids: Here is a complete 2019 – 2020 buyers’ guide.

This light up shoes buyers’ guide features the 10 best LED shoes for kids and adults respectively and where to buy light up shoes for adults, kids, toddlers. Our goal is to help you choose the best shoe you would love and be pleased with.

We all already know it’s not just kids who wear light up shoes, right? Among the many places adults can wear their LED shoes are costume parties, Halloween, and even everyday life.

Things to consider when choosing LED Shoes for kids:

  1. LED shoes can generally be broken down into two categories: Those meant for heavy or sports-like use, and those purely designed for walking.
  2. When buying these shoes, most important thing to consider is ensure that it is comfortable. The overall shoe design should be breathable to help get rid of the sweat accumulated in the socks. Textile and synthetic polymer are the good material.
  3. Look for shoes strong enough to support your adult, child’s growing feet, whilst also offering flexibility to move around comfortably.
  4. Always check the seller’s size chart. Many parents always realize the size of the shoe they thought would fit does not fit the foot of their kids. Sometimes, we will need to buy the shoes having 1 – 2 larger foot size.
  5. Remember, there’s about a one-and-a-half size difference between men’s and women’s shoes. And a two-size difference between women’s and children’s sizes. A women’s six is a children’s four. A women’s 8.5 is a men’s seven.
  6. What are the Different Styles of Lights Used in Shoes?

Basic light up shoes will have a single color of light which activates when your child walks. Some of the more recent designs have USB ports to charge the lights.

The lights can also be turned off if they’re not required, and there is the option to choose from different colors. Some shoes have the option to change the lighting pattern too – they can either remain on constantly or they can flash. Most shoes use LED lights.

  • 7. Are Light Up Shoes Waterproof?

It depends on the individual pair of shoes so best thing to do is to check with the manufacturer. In general, most are waterproof so you don’t need to worry about the lights being damaged by water.

Of course, they should not be fully submerged underwater, but wearing them when it’s raining shouldn’t cause any problems.

If your LED shoes have a battery which needs recharged, as long as this stays dry, there should be no problem.

  • 8. Light Modes & Color-changing Function of the Shoes

Majority of the above products have the very similar light modes – 7 static colors and 4 dynamic color changing modes. Apart from having the certain color, the sneakers can produce flashing, color cycle, fading and other effects, which are suitable for kids to join the Christmas, Halloween parties, as well as other dancing performance.

However, some of the products have very limited color change like only emitting green and blue.

  • 9. Battery (Rechargeable / Removable)

The best light up shoe should be powered by rechargeable. We discover that some of the shoes cannot be recharged, and thus the light will never turn on again after running out of battery. Although the price is not very high for the shoe, it is impractical to buy the new ones after the batteries are exhausted.

Choosing the light up sneakers with rechargeable is more environmentally-friendly because the disposal can be reduced. Majority of the batteries inside the shoes can be charged by USB cable. The using time is around 7 to 8 hours after 2 to 3 hours charging.

  • 10. Rolling wheel, Velcro strap on light up shoes:

Some LED shoes even have mini skating wheels. It is a good design because it adds more fun for child, which encourage them to do more outdoor exercise. However, the wheel will reduce the walking stability, and thus it is not suitable for toddlers. Kids and teenagers need parental supervision as well.

For baby or very young kids, Velcro strap is preferred because their hands may not have high enough dexterity to tie the shoelaces. The Velcro strap assists them to wear the shoes by themselves.

Light Up shoes for girls toddlers, kids, adults: 2019 – 2020 buyers’ guide

  • Best Light Up Shoes for Boys

1. Breathable LED Sneakers:

light up shoes - Breathable LED Sneakers


The LED sneakers come with a USB cable for charging the lights. There are over 10 different lighting patterns, meaning boys will never grow tired of wearing these shoes! The lights are really bright and will make sure your boy stands out from the crowd. They look excellent when worn in the dark!

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These boys light up sneakers come in toddler, little kid and big kid sizes, so they are ideal for boys of all ages. They also come in a variety of styles and colors, so there is something to suit all tastes.

The shoes are made from a breathable material, ensuring kids’ feet remain cool and comfortable when wearing them. They also have a rubber sole which is waterproof and offers good grip.

Some of the light patterns are colored, whilst others are white. Some offer still lights whilst in other options the lights will flash in different ways.

2. AoSiFu LED Lightweight Sneakers:

light up shoes - AoSiFu LED Lightweight Sneakers

These kids flashing shoes come in sizes from 8.5 toddler right up to big kid size 5, meaning they fit boys of all ages.

The soles of the shoes are waterproof, allowing them to be worn when it is raining lightly. However, it’s best not to wear them in heavy rain or snow. They are lightweight and breathable to ensure they keep the feet feeling comfortable during use.

There are 7 static color options and 4 color changing patterns, meaning there is plenty of variety so kids won’t get bored.

The boys LED shoes include a USB charging cable – a full charge takes around 2 or 3 hours which then gives up to 11 hours of use.

Beside the USB charging port, you can find the hidden switch which changes the lighting patterns. A quick, single press will cycle through the different lights, whilst a longer press will turn them off completely.

3. Flarut High Tops with Lights:

light up shoes - Flarut High Tops with LightsKids are spoiled for choice with the range of great colours available for these boys light up shoes.    These shoes come with 11 different lighting modes, with a range of static and flashing modes to choose from.

The lights need to be charged using the USB port inside the shoe. Charging will take 3 hours and you can expect 8 or more hours of use from a single charge.

Pressing the button next to the charging port will change the lights, and holding this button for 5 seconds will turn them off.

These shoes are intended to be worn only on dry days as they are unfortunately not waterproof. In order to clean them, they should simply be wiped with a damp cloth

The shoes feature a thick rubber sole which is anti-slip.

They are made from synthetic leather to give a durable and water-resistant finish. They come in a choice of 10 great colors, including bright red and metallic silver.

4. Skechers Kids Hypno Flash

light up shoes - Skechers Kids Hypno Flash

These Skechers kids light up shoes don’t need to be recharged – the lights are activated by walking and have a long lifespan.

Skechers is a great brand which offers high quality, comfortable shoes, and has been trusted by parents for years.

The boys light up Sketchers come in a choice of sizes to fit boys aged between 4 – 12 years on average. They come in different color schemes including gray and red, orange and navy and blue and bright green. The shoes are lightweight and flexible, making them extremely comfortable when walking around.

The shoes are easy to put on and take off, so young kids can put them on independently.

5. Paw Patrol Light Up Shoes


light up shoes - Paw Patrol Light Up Shoes

The Paw Patrol light up sneakers have a non-marking sole with lights inside. These shoes don’t need to be recharged, as the lights simply activate as your child walks. To clean the shoes, they can be wiped with a damp cloth, rather than being submerged under water.

The toddler boy light up sneakers are a great way to encourage toddlers to keep their shoes on – many toddlers would rather go barefoot! They are officially licensed so you can be sure of the quality. However, they only come in sizes toddler 8 – 10, so if your child is another size unfortunately they will not fit.

6. Karkein Light Up Wing Shoes

Karkein Light Up Wing Shoes

These LED shoes for kids include a USB charger, which takes around 3 hours to fully charge up the shoes. After charging, expect up to 11 hours of use before a recharge will be required.

Like most other LED shoes, the lights on these are activated using a single press of the button inside the shoe. Continue pressing the button to cycle through the 11 different light programs.

A longer press on the button will turn the lights off completely. The shoes can be worn during light rain, but should not be submerged in water. The battery which powers the LEDs must be kept dry in order to keep the lights working.

These shoes are really trendy and sure to appeal to young boys who love keeping up with the latest styles. They come in a few different colors, including bold red and black with green wings. You’ll find these shoes in sizes 8 toddler through 5 big kid.

The shoes are intended for light use such as walking and playing around outside. They are not intended to be worn during sports of for other heavy use.

7. Sketchers Kids Erupters

light up shoes - Sketchers Kids Erupters

These Skechers light up shoes for a boy have long lasting lights inside the sole which are activated when your child takes a step. The shoes are easy to fasten as the laces don’t need tied – they are simply elastic straps.

All that needs fastened is the top Velcro strap, so you can be sure the shoes will offer a snug and secure fit. Kids will love to run and jump with these shoes on in order to see the fancy lights flashing!

They come in a huge range of sizes and colors, to fit boys aged between 1 – 12 years old and in a typical range of boyish colors such as bright green, black, navy and red.

The main part of the sneakers is made from lightweight fabric, making these perfect for spring and summer. They also have a flexible rubber sole which offers good grip.

8. Batman Light Up Sneakers

These Batman light up shoes are activated with each footstep, meaning there is no need for a charger. They feature a simple Velcro strap to fasten, as well as elasticated laces to hold the shoes securely on the feet.

There’s also a loop on the back to help toddlers pull their own shoes on by themselves. Boys who love superheroes will find these shoes perfect. They come in the classic Batman colors of black, yellow and grey.

The shoes are comfortable to wear with the padded collar and cushioned sole, a rounded toe and breathable material for optimum comfort.

9. Outer Space Light Up Rain Boots

As many LED light shoes for kids are not fully waterproof, meaning they cannot be worn in heavy rainfall, these rain boots are the perfect solution if your boy always wants to wear his LED shoes in the winter.

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With these boots, boys can jump in puddles without parents worrying about the lights getting damaged.

The boots come in sizes from toddlers size 5 right up to big kid size 3. They also come in a huge selection of colors and patterns – 25 different choices to be precise!

The boots feature looped handles to help younger children easily pull their own boots on. They’re also very durable and comfortable to wear, and will keep your child’s feet warm and dry all day long.

10. PJ Masks Lighting Sneakers

These lights on PJ Masks sneakers don’t need to be recharged, and they offer an excellent lifespan. The lights look great with the sneakers, as there is one for each color of the PJ Masks characters – red, green and blue.

The shoes are sure to encourage toddler boys to put on their shoes and enjoy going outside. Like many toddler shoes, they include elasticated laces and a single Velcro strap for easy fastening.

They are made from light and comfortable synthetic material to ensure toddlers’ growing feet are protected all the time.

11. Toddler Lightning McQueen Light Up Shoes

These Lightning McQueen light up shoes have the flashing light located inside the tire. They are the perfect choice for any young fan of Disney’s Cars. They fit sizes 6 – 12, which is fine for most young boys.

The shoes include elasticated laces and a simple Velcro strap making them easy to put on and take off.

The Cars boys shoes have a mid-ankle height, so they offer plenty of support. They are made from faux leather with a rubber sole, making these sneakers both comfortable and durable.

12. Idea Frame Fiber Optic LED Light Up Shoe for Kids – Best Color-changing LED Sneaker

This fabulous sports shoes for teenagers has countless optic fabric covering the surface of the white sneaker, and giving out astonishing color changing lighting effects.

We can switch on/off the lights by pressing the button inside the heel strap. After running out of battery, we charge the shoes via a USB cable included in the package. The best thing is that the cable has two micro-USB heads, and thus we can charge both sides at the same time. The battery life is approx. 5 to 8 hours for 2 to 3 hours charging time.

Since it has white color when the lights are off, it is suitable for both boys and girls, and it can be regarded as an ordinary shoe when we do not need the lights during daytime. At night, it is time for the kids to show off the colored lights, perhaps in dancing party and their friends gathering. This light up shoe can resist the water splash, and thus we have no need to take off them in a rush when it is raining outside.

Since it has different sizes for both kids, teenagers and adults, parents can also have a pair of LED light shoe too. It doubles the fun.

It is suitable for dancing because of its flexible sole. The shoe adopts breathable material and hence the perspiration will not be accumulated and thus give better comfort for your kids.

13. Nsasy Roller LED Light Up Shoes for Boys & Girls – Best LED Shoes with Wheel

The lighting on/off switch on this kids LED light up shoe is inside the shoe. This shoe has bright LED lights, can produce different colours at the same time. Battery cannot be charged or changed.

This shoe is also made of breathable material and durable outsole, which is good for general outdoor use.

This kids LED light up shoe has wheel in the outsole, which allows us to walk or slide faster. However, the kids using it should be supervised by parents, and it might not be suitable for toddlers as the sliding wheels will affect their balance.

Again, the shoe is not so flexible because of the electronics, and thus is not suitable for sports, jumping or dancing.

The best thing is that the light up shoe has many color options, such as pink, orange, black and etc.

14. Ufatansy CPS LED Fashion Sneakers – Best Light Up Wheel Skate Shoes for Kids

This roller light up shoes for kids has the color-changing LED light strips along the front portion of the midsole, instead of the full midsole. Despite this, it delivers astonishing lighting effect for party. Te shoes has very bright and colorful lighting effect.

As a parent, you can easily spot your kids in the dark when chilling outside. This light up LED shoes will attract many eyeballs when your child wears it in the playground.

The wheels are retractable and it has many color options such as blue, pink, red, orange, silver, gold and etc, that fits different personalities. However, the built-in battery cannot be removed or rechargeable. The battery life is approx. 10 to 30 days according to the seller.

15. G&S LED Light Up Shoes (USB Charging)

This is a rechargeable LED light up sneaker for big kids. The battery of this flashing sneaker can be charged by using a USB port

It has various light modes, such as static color – maintaining the same color, color cycle, flashing and more. The package includes the USB charger, and thus we have no need to buy it separately. It takes around 2 to 3 hours to charge.

The strength of this product is that it is water-resistant, and thus it is more durable in rainy weather.

16. Qkettle Kids High Top Wing Light Up Sneaker for Boys and Girls

Qkettle Kids High Top Wing Light Up Sneaker for Boys and Girls
This kids’ light up shoe has LED strip around the midsole, which gives 360° illumination and floor washing effect. It is believed that you child will attract a lot of attention when wearing the flashing shoe.

As for the lighting modes, it can produce 7 static color like red, orange, green and purple, as well as color cycling.

It has a wide range of size available, and thus you can select the best size for toddler, little or even big kids.

However, the light may go off after using for a month. The product has many color options, one of which has the cute star and strip pattern.

  • Best Light Up Shoes for Girls

17. Yeeper Fiber Optic LED Light Up Shoes – One of the Best LED Shoes for Girl, Best Kids Girl LED Lights Shoes

The lighting principle on this shoe – the fiber optics are distributed along the surface of the shoe, which gives stunning color-changing lighting effect. Since the fiber is flexible, the shape will be altered according to the contour of the shoe and the movement of the children.

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The on/off switch is hidden inside the heel strap at the back of the shoe.

This light up shoe is suitable for girl because of its vivid, pinky appearance. Your cute little daughters will love the girlish design.

The shoe has rechargeable battery, astonishing lighting effect. It’s a little bit pricey, however.

18. SDSPEED Toddler Girls Light Up Shoe with Rolling Wheel – Best Cheap LED Sneaker for Kids

The drawback of this light shoe is that the battery is not rechargeable or removable. The light will never come on again after running out of battery.

However, its breathable material helps channelize the perspiration after outdoor activities. The outsole is made of wear-resistant rubber, and thus the durability is enhanced.

It also has pink color, and your little daughter will like it. The LED strips around the midsole produce vivid colors, which draws attention at night!

19. Skechers Kids Energy Lights-Dance-N-Dazzle Sneaker

The Skechers Kids Energy Lights-Dance-N-Dazzle Sneaker can be said to be the best Light Shoes for 4 to 8 years old.

It has rechargeable battery, and the battery can last for 5 to 6 hours. The package includes the USB charging cable with 2 heads, and thus we can charge both shoes at the same time. Besides, it has many color modes for your little daughters to explore!

One con – the light may burn out after couple of months.

20. APTESOL Youth Flashing Rechargeable LED Lights Sneaker

This fashionable kids girl light up shoe has battery that can be recharged by USB cable. After charging it for 2 to 3 hours, the light can turn on for around 8 to 11 hours.

It has high brightness, which is like putting a mini flashlight under the shoe. The charging port is hidden near the tongue of the shoe, and thus it will not be discovered by other after wearing it.

It can be worn during dance performances, Christmas & Halloween parties, outdoor camping and other indoor or outdoor activities.

The shoe has higher heel container that helps protect the ankle. It can be regarded as a mini boot. This product has 7 static colors (mainly rainbow colors), as well as the dynamic lighting modes like flashing, fading and smooth color transition.

The outsole is made of quality rubber, which help increase the friction between the shoe and floor. Safety is enhanced.

21. Slevel LED Flashing Sneaker

This sneakers is a popular kids light up shoes on Amazon. It has many colors and shoe types options. Similar to other light up sneaker, this one can produce 7 static colors or have the dynamic color changing lighting effect. Since the switch is inside the shoe, it gives better appearance, and it is very unlikely for the wire come out that stumble the kids.

Your kids and daughters will love it because of its invigorating color-changing lighting effect, as well as the stylish appearance of the boot.

Comparing to other products, this one uses Velcro straps to tighten the shoe, which is suitable for toddlers who have lower hand dexterity.

22. Ditont LED Light Up Shoes for Kids Girls

This cute shoe has built-in light strip on the midsole, 7 static color modes and 4 dynamic color modes and thus we can have specific color. This feature is very useful when we are having a dance team – each member can have one color on their shoes.

The stylish appearance is suitable for kids girls and women. It also uses the Velcro strap, and thus it is easier to tighten the shoe.

Unlike other products, this light up shoes come with a remote controller that assists to control the color of the lights and thus we have no need to squeeze into the shoe and manipulate the color and modes. It also has a relatively cheap price.

However, the light may go off after 2 months.

Best Color-changing Light Up Shoes for Baby Boy

23. DoGeek Toddler Boys LED Shoes with 7 Colors Light

This light up shoe is rechargeable. You can just plugin in the USB cable and recharge the battery.

This shoe has cyan and orange color mixing design, fashionable and eye-catching pattern. The shoe is water-resistant, and thus more durable for outdoor activities. It emits 7 colored lights. Your little grandson will love this light up shoe.

The outsole also has some light, and thus the floor can be washed with colorful lights for every step.

24. LNGRY Toddler Luminous Sneaker

It is a cute light up shoe for kids. Its sporty design fits for your little son or teenagers. It is suitable for 0 to 3 months baby, and up to 3 years old boy.

25. Skechers Kids Kid’s Hypno-Flash 2.0 Sneaker

The light is installed inside the midsole, instead of just sticking the whole strip on it. It gives a better and unique design. The outsole is made of synthetic material, and thus it is flexible for dancing and running.

The light colors are limited, however.

26. Ufatansy Uforme High-top Kids Shoes with LED Lights & Wheel

It is another kids roller skate shoes with color-changing lights. It has a wheel at the back of the shoe, allowing the child to slide along the road. It has wide color options, and thus you can pick the favorite one for your son.

There are no on/off switches in the shoe. The light is triggered every step.

However, the limitation is that it is not designed for running because it may deform and damage the electronics of the LED. Besides, we should not immerse the lights into water.

27. Voovix Kids Low-Top Sneakers

Voovix Kids Low-Top SneakersThis light up shoe can product 7 static color as well as 4 dynamic modes such as flashing and fading. The good thing is that the package includes the USB cable and thus you can charge the batteries on both shoes at the same time. The lights work for around 7 hours after 3 hours charging.

The decent, color-changing lighting effect can make you becomes a star in parties.

The limitation is that the color changing lights work individually on both shoes, and hence it is very unlikely to synchronize the color unless we use the static color mode.

28. BEGT SMOEYAKIO LED Light Up Shoes for Boys

BEGT SMOEYAKIO LED Light Up Shoes for Boys
This kids light shoe has a very cheap and attractive price. It has many shiny colors available, and thus you can find one that suits your son’s personality. Similar to the earlier products, the built-in battery is rechargeable, and it can produce various static color, as well as the color cycle effect.

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