Jasmine Moore death Alma Georgia: Deion Smith, Tyberious Murchinson

Jasmine Moore death Alma Georgia: 15 year old Jasmine More died August 9, 2009 after she was bludgeoned and stabbed to death around midnight in the E. 4th Street home she shared with her mother in Alma.

Jasmine Moore death Alma Georgia: Deion Smith, Tyberious Murchinson

After Jasmine Moore death, her body was set on fire. Her charred remains were discovered by her mother upon her return home from work.

Alma, Ga was on TVone’s Fatal Attraction and featured Jasmine Moore’s story.

Jasmine S. Moore Nails, born July 9, 1994 and a resident of Alma, Bacon County, Georgia, was the only child of Brenda Moore and James O. Nails. She was preceded in death by her brother, Craig Nails, paternal grandparents, Arelioun and Addie Nails, Sr.

No arrests of Jasmine’s murderers was made until June 2014, five years after her death when a 24 year old Tyberius Murchinson of Alma, turned himself in to police and confessed that he and his close friend Deion Smith, said to be the mastermind of the murder, were involved in the brutal murder of Jasmine Moore.

Murchinson was moved to confess their crime after he recently got baptised into the Christian faith and knew deep down in his heart that confessing to his crimes was the right thing to do.

On Wednesday, April 20, 2016, 7 years after Jasmine Moore murder, a jury convicted Deion Smith of malice murder, felony murder, and arson in the first degree.

Deion Smith was sentenced to life in prison for Jasmine Moore death, and given an additional fifteen years in prison for arson, to be served consecutively to the life sentence.

Tyberius Murchinson pled guilty to aggravated assault and arson in the first degree and received a 30 year prison sentence. He also testified for the State in the prosecution of Smith.

Jasmine Moore death Alma Georgia: How Deion Smith & Tyberious Murchinson killed Jasmine

Tyberious Murchinson and Deion Smith were both 17 at the time of Jasmine Moore murder. She was only 15 years old.

At the time of the murder, Moore lived with her mother. On the evening of August 8, 2009, Moore’s mother left their home at around 9:15 p.m. to go to work. Moore’s mother had just recently begun letting Moore stay home alone while she worked the night shift, on the condition that Moore was not to open the door for anyone.

Sometime after Moore’s mother left for work, Smith and Murchinson met at Smith’s home.

During trials, jurors heard Murchinson’s testimony that Smith, believing Jasmine Moore was pregnant with his child, enlisted him Murchinson to help kill her.

On the day Jasmine lost her life, Smith, armed with a hammer, and Murchinson, with a large kitchen knife, went to the home that Jasmine Moore shared with her mother and savagely bludgeoned her in the head.

At Smith’s urging, Murchinson hit the victim once with the hammer to ensure she was dead, and she was cut with the knife.

They piled trash on her body, set it afire and disabled a smoke detector in her home as they left.

At Smith’s house, they burned their clothes and shoes to destroy any evidence of their crime.

Jasmine’s mother came home to her daughter’s charred body inside her fire-damaged house.

Tyberius Murchinson confessed first to a police officer who notified the Georgia Bureau Investigation case agent to whom Murchinson told his story again.

He was arrested on the spot and Smith was arrested the same day.

An autopsy showed Jasmine was not pregnant.

Evidence that tied Smith to Jasmine’s death included a “constant stream” of text messages between Smith and his victim in the hour before her death.

The exchange stopped at 11:46 p.m. Aug. 8, 2009, but Smith began sending text messages to other people a half hour later.

Those messages proved that Smith and Murchinson were together and that Jasmine Moore was waiting from them at her house.

Assistant District Attorney Alex Markowich prosecuted the case, along with DA George Barnhill.

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  1. They would of had to give me a better deal….30 yes is not a deal…saved or not..you got saved(ok) that’s good ,,but 30 plus yrs,,,nah,,I’m good…the d.a’s. Office ain’t s**t…white ppl come forward get immunity….they target blk ppl, knowing they will accept anything…they don’t do that to the white ppl…FOH!!!!

    • How about being law abiding and not commit these horrible crimes to begin with, and you will not have to worry about plea deals. We already know that 93% of all Black homicides are committed by Blacks, so the lesson still has not been mastered. But, black lives matter, right? But to whom?

      • agreed but also 95 % of white deaths are caused by whites. same difference. the ID channel shows 100000 WHITE only murders. He shouldn’t have killed that girl in the first place .. I don’t care if he got NO deal BUT white on white crime is just as bad. White people killing hundreds at one time a peaceful functions , schools, etc.. so…


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