Jake Beers death, obituary: Jake Beers Orillia – what happened

Jake Beers death, obituary: Beloved Jake Beers Orillia has passed away.

Jake Beers death, obituary: Jake Beers Orillia

Please say a prayer for his grieving family as you read the tributes below:

I know we weren’t on good terms but you were, and forever will be the first hip hop artist to come out of this city that made a difference, you inspired so many kids to follow their dreams and be themselves whether u knew it or not. Thank you🌹

Jake Beers.. man. Scrolling down the timeline and I saw a picture of you, and couldn’t believe what I was reading above it. You were an amazing person. Treated me like we were day 1s from minute 1 and I’ll cherish every…

Details about how Jake Beers death happened are not public at this time. May his soul rest in peace.

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  1. This is Jake’s little cousin.. when I found out he had passed I wanted to stay at home and just cry because I wanted Jake to have the best music career and not just that I wanted to have more amazing memories with him and be able to write music with him. Jake was amazing, loving, caring, funny and had such a big heart and I wish that he was still here with us, but he will always be remembered within family and friends. I love and miss you Jake.

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