Hans Wikkeling cause of death: Missing Hans Wikkeling death

Hans Wikkeling cause of death is not public at this time out of respect to his family and loved ones.

Hans Wikkeling death happened weeks after he went missing in the Santa Cruz, CA area near Soquel Ave on 24th September 2019. He was only 36 years old.

Hans Wikkeling cause of death: Missing Hans Wikkeling death

His very worried family members and friends had reported Hans Wikkeling missing in September and a missing persons report filed.

Desperate calls for help to find him had read:


Hans Wikkeling has been missing for nearly 2 weeks. He has last been seen in the Santa Cruz, CA area near Soquel Ave on 9/24.

If anyone has any information regarding his whereabouts, please reach out! It is unusual for Hans not to check in.

Has anyone seen this man around Downtown Campbell or Downtown San Jose? His name is Hans Wikkeling and his friends and family haven’t heard from him in 2 weeks. A missing persons report has already been filed.

Sadly, he has been found dead and the call to help find him called off.

Hans Wikkeling cause of death: Missing Hans Wikkeling death

Details about Hans Wikkeling cause of death, details about his passing will be released in time. Please respect the privacy of his family and close friends.

Also say a prayer for his grieving family he left behind as you read the touching tributes from people who loved and adored him below. May his soul rest in perfect peace

  • From Bo Buhisan:

I really don’t know how to begin to say my goodbyes to Hans.

As his instructor, I remember Hans as a beginner student taking lessons and looking at me with those deeply inquisitive eyes wanting to know how to be the best martial artist he could be.

I remember Hans Wikkeling II, Hans Wikkeling, Jerico Preston Catura, Michael Catura and others when they were as young as 8-10 years old sitting crosslegged on the floor in class. We used to end our classes with a talk about life and the importance of character as a martial artist.

Anybody who comes in contact with any of them know the respect and humbleness they exhibit.

Up until a few weeks ago, Hans and I would talk privately about martial arts philosophy and life in general. With him, as with most of us, his life was a roller coaster of ups and downs.

He was a very deep thinker and he would always have philosophical and personal questions ready to discuss with me.

Though I always saw him as a young boy, with a passion for learning, it seemed the role he was most comfortable to be with me. I loved reading the tributes everybody has been writing about their memories of him.

He was a peaceful, compassionate and talented warrior to the end. We all love and miss you Hans, you made the world a brighter place for everyone and your light will live on in our hearts…

  • From JayR DeGuzman:

To all mutual friends and family of Hans Wikkeling,

Thank you all for you concerns, efforts, and love throughout the process of searching for Hans. It is with a heavy heart that I am informing all that Hans has passed away.

My apologies to those that are receiving this news through social media. I did my best to carry out the info to family first so that they were given the time to grieve. Though the family is now ready for this news reaching out across social media, please know that they are going through a tough time right now and it is overwhelming when being contacted with questions. Please give the parents privacy, time, and space. They will reach out when ready.

More details about Hans’ death will be released in time. You may contact me if you need to reach out and I will try my best to help process. For now, please take the time you need and remember all the wonderful, funny, and amazing experiences that Hans has brought us. All the friends that we are connected to. And all the things that he has taught us. Reach out to your friends and family. Give love to one another.

Rest in Peace my friend, my sensei, my brother.

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