Gifts for 8 year old boys: Best birthday, Christmas gifts

Gifts for 8 year old boys 2019 -2020: Here are the best birthday, Christmas gifts for 8 year old boy.

Gifts for 8 year old boys 2019 -2020

When you need to buy great gifts for your 8-year old son, grandson or nephew, you have to bear this in mind – eight can be a tricky age for boys.

It is an age when children are developing their physical skills and social identities. They’re no longer babies, they have started developing their own strong personalities and friendships with peers.

They are now more independent, more competitive and physically active with lots of stamina and energy. They are ready to move on to higher-level toys that stimulate their young minds and enforce physical activity.

By the time boys are 8 years old, they’re no longer a “little kid,” but they still do require safe and child-friendly products.

So, when shopping for 8-year-old boys, you want to make sure that whatever you pick challenges their growing abilities. Check out our impressive list below.

Gifts for 8 year old boys 2019 -2020: Best birthday, Christmas gifts

1. Nerf N Strike Elite Strongarm Toy Blaster with Rotating Barrel, Slam Fire, and 6 Official Nerf Elite Darts

You should buy this for your 8 year old because:

  • It’s the ultimate in today’s blaster technology and a sure hit on any 8-year-old boy’s Christmas present list.
  • FIRE 6 DARTS IN A ROW: Fire 6 darts in a row from this quick draw, fast firing Nerf N Strike Elite Strongarm toy blaster that shoots darts up to 90 feet (27 meters) and includes 6 Nerf Elite darts
  • FLIP OPEN ROTATING 6 DART BARREL: The Strongarm Nerf blaster has a rotating 6 dart barrel that flips open for easy dart loading and is hand powered no batteries required
  • SLAM FIRE BLASTING: Slam fire all 6 darts in a rapid blasting wave at targets by moving the slide back and forth as you hold down the trigger
  • INCLUDES 6 NERF DARTS: Includes 6 Official Nerf Elite darts that are designed for distance, tested and approved for performance and quality, and constructed of foam with flexible, hollow tips
  • EASY OPEN, RECYCLABLE PACKAGE: Ships in simple recyclable packaging that’s easy to open and frustration free
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Gifts for 8 year old boys 2019 -2020 - Nerf N Strike Elite Strongarm Toy Blasterclick-here-price-


2. Gifts for 8 year old boys 2019 -2020:

Osmo – Genius Kit For Ipad:

Buy this for your 8 year old because:

  • OSMO IS MAGIC: Fun-filled & award winning learning games that interact with actual hand held pieces & an iPad, bringing a child’s game pieces & actions to life (No WiFi necessary for game play).
  • AGE & CAPABILITY: Ages 6-10+. Games are designed for beginner to expert levels. OSMO enables the continuation of learning. Track game progress, using child game profiles, on a parent app.
  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX: OSMO Base for iPad, Tangram pieces, Numbers tiles, Words tiles, Stackable storage for each game, & 5 Game Apps: Numbers, Tangram, Words, Newton, and Masterpiece.
  • Designed with fun & learning in mind, in Palo Alto, California.
  • An iPad & OSMO Base (iPad is not included) are required to play.
  • Compatible with iPad 2-6, iPad Mini 1-4, iPad Air 1-2, iPad Pro 9.7 & 10.5 inch. Fire Tablet is not compatible with this base.

Gifts for 8 year old boys 2019 -2020 - Osmo - Genius Kit For Ipad



3. Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster:

Buy this for your 8 year old because:

  • It’s the perfect toy to encourage imaginative play, concentration, and focus and teaches kids about aim and control.

Gifts for 8 year old boys 2019 -2020 - Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster click-here-price-



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