Brianna Taylor death: Briana Taylor killed during police shooting update

 Brianna Taylor death: Briana Taylor killed during police shooting, correctly spelt as Breonna Taylor died March 13, 2020 after police stormed her home as she slept and exchanged as much as 22 gunshots with her boyfriend.

Brianna Taylor death: Briana Taylor killed by police shooting update

Breonna Taylor was a 26 year old emergency medical technician (EMT).

The police stormed her Louisville home as part of a drugs investigation and were searching for a suspect who was already in custody, a lawsuit claims.

The police claim they were returning fire after her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker shot and wounded one officer in the apartment.

Brianna Taylor death: Briana Taylor killed during police shooting update

Her family have now hired prominent civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who has represented the families of other high-profile black shooting victims, including Trayvon Martin and Ahmaud Arbery.

A defence attorney for Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, says he fired in self-defence because police did not announce themselves and that he believed they were breaking in to the home.

Louisville Police Department has declined to answer several questions about the allegations, citing an ongoing internal investigation.

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48 Replies to “Brianna Taylor death: Briana Taylor killed during police shooting update

  1. As an African-American male I sit back and wonder how people say America is great. What they done to this young lady was wrong and someone needs to be held accountable I would’ve shot at someone busted in my house at 1 o’clock in the morning as well if they have not announced a shelter police wake up people they’re taking us out. FTP

    1. America was never great. It is an ongoing propaganda to cover up for the genocides of non white communities here in America and around the world. It helps people of white community to feel good and continue pretentious MORAL life in the midst of crime they commit against humanity everyday. Unfortunately rest of humanity instead of rejecting this criminal way of life has joined them as way to their own success and calling it a civilization. Denounce this way of life of greed and capitalism. Start life of sharing and cooperation with your fellow human.

    2. America is great. There are bad and evil people in it, too, however. There are many people who support you and other blacks/browns and want justice. Don’t give up.

  2. Hopefully they had cameras on recording what they did. That’ll show us how the boyfriend is telling the truth.

  3. Measure once cut twice. No one new the intended suspect was already in custody that morning when that night the police attacked these innocent people. Someone or ones aren’t doing their job and now an innocent wonderful lady who was an emt at two hospital 💔

  4. When will there be a time of peace ? Where we Can all live in a society that allows love to be love, without color being a factor of hate. The policemen that did this should be terminated and arrested for Murder. That young lady does what I do daily, saves lives.GOD have mercy on your souls , justice shall prevail.

  5. Could you even try to maybe get her name correct? For the love, it’s spelled 3 different ways in your damn article.

  6. Now this is a travesty! Police were looking for someone who was already in custody? Even if you’re looking for someone you CANNOT storm into ANYONE’S HOME! Not without a search warrant! I’d love to hear the lie the police try to use to justify this outlandish shooting of an unarmed woman SLEEPING in her own home.

  7. It’s ashamed that we are still fighting racial injustice. There is a way to arrest someone. They don’t go into drug pins residence like this. To think this was senseless the person they were looking for was already locked up. What kind of policeman doesnt know their job before they go in shooting.

  8. When you think about what the US military has done, since WWII, you know that the US LIES about being great every day. All those wars and all that destruction… WHY? To what effect? IN FACT the US has done NOTHING BUT EVIL, and that assessment works across the board! The police? They work alright (but not great, even then) for white people…

    This young woman DESERVES revenge. What if ANY one of us, especially a black person, did that to a white cop? The cops would go BERSERK! And so must the community in this case, if we don’t get action. What the cops did was egregious. It was, essentially, COLD-BLOODED MURDER?

    The cops who did that to her MUST PAY.

    And if the courts won’t do it, the community must.

  9. Exactly T Sen. I’m in my 60s and have heard this B.S. all my life. Greed is what Amerika is about and not much else.

  10. Sad situation, this is going to be horrible for the family. My deepest condolences 🙏💔 may she rest in peace.

  11. Again black people can be killed with no justice I’ve served my country while serving in the United states army and I’m not safe in my own home

  12. For those of you who say that Amerikka has to pay for so much that she, as a nation has done to us(Black America)-dig this- found this on Youtube a while back-someone was teaching that the book of Ezekiel 37 chapter, coupled with the 2nd chapter of the book of Joel, verses 1-11, describes a people(our ancestors)who will LITERALLY BE BROUGHT BACK FROM THE DEAD, to wreak vengeance upon this white man’s world, on behalf of our people, the TRUE ISRAELITES of old, scattered to ‘the four corners of this Earth’ whose present-day remnant we are, whom God foretold in the Scriptures, that in the last days he would exact vengeance against the whole of this white man’s world for what they(whites)have done to us for so long.
    Charles A. Brazell-5-28-20.

  13. “Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord”(Romans, 12:19): This goes with the article I posted on yesterday, to say, that it is not, nor has it ever, been for us(Blacks)to right the wrongs or evils we find imposed or forced upon us, since we were unrighteously brought to these shores(America)as slaves-be encouraged my people-there IS a God who sees and will ONE DAY, reward America, and the WHOLE of this white man’s world, for what they have done to us as a people, since they first appeared on the planet!

  14. And for the record, I am not one of those ‘good little Christians’ who believe in ‘turn the other cheek'(will I ever?) as well as all of the other lies that have been been taught to this world, in the name of Christianity or Jesus Christ or God, but one whom God has, in his love and mercy towards me, blessed me to know the truth, overcoming all of the lies and DECIET(it took years of struggling and searching, you must understand-and the struggle is still not over yet) that has been taught throughout this whole world-not in the name of God, but in the name of Satan!

  15. I see that not ALL of my postings appear on this website; I’m not sure what accounts for it being so, but I just thought I’d let it be known that I see this is the case(just posted another ‘commentary’ or statement(the 2nd actually, in TWO days)which, for some reason ,did not appear on this page.

  16. I was aware of the possibility that ‘Laila’ may not be as welcoming or benevolent as the previous comments by others have led me to believe, so be it-I suppose then it is good to find out just where people stand-and how far they are willing to go in their acceptance of the truth, yes? Whether you will post this statement or not, at this point makes NO difference to me; I think you have already revealed(perhaps, yes?)your TRUE intent with respect to what you will allow. I have considered you may be an entity, posing as one who allows comments to come from those of us who are expressing anger, over recent events(resurgence in police brutality against Blacks), in order to find out just where we Blacks stand and how we feel, but in REALITY you really have NO regard or concern for our comments or how we feel, because you may be-or are-the enemy-then, at least, you know how I feel, yes?


  18. Why didn’t he stop shooting st police? Why is everyone so quick to stick up for Breonna? It was her ignorant boyfriend who put her st risk anyway! Why was she putting up with drugs and nonsense in her home? All you should be asking these questions first!

  19. Ginita-where are you getting your information? There was no drugs found per the police. So when was she putting up drugs? The couple of in bed. In Texas, you have the right to protect your property. Legally if someone walks into your home, you can shoot and ask questions later, if you survive. Ignorance is the police had a no knock warrant and did not identify themselves. There was nothing ignorant about what the boyfriend did OR Breonna.


    They *DID* have a search warrant. Brianna Taylor’s home was one of several addresses that were raided by the police during a large, coordinated sweep of numerous residences occupied by known players in the local exotic substances trade. Taylor’s boyfriend, who apparently couldn’t tell the difference between a dozen cops in full tactical gear yelling “POLICE!! SEARCH WARRANT!!” from some crackhead burglar, opened fire on them, wounding one officer. Taylor was shot and killed by return fire.

  21. Yeah, sure…”America is racist and can’t suck enough!”

    Blah, blah, blah, bloo blee blah. Move to Canada, why don’t you?

    “What if a black person did that TO A WHITE COP?!?!”

    You mean, like, the five Dallas PD officers ambushed and killed by a black guy during a city-wide demonstration led by BLM, which for the most part had been very constructive, and which witnessed cops and local citizens chatting amicably and posing for happy-snaps with each other? Or the two NYPD officers ambushed and killed while sitting in their squad car by a black guy because…reasons? Or the four Baton Rouge police officers ambushed by a black guy who was ostensibly motivated by the desire to avenge Alton Sterling, who got shot by a police officer because he was resisting arrest and trying to grab a concealed handgun he had jammed in his pants, and which he shouldn’t have even had because he was a convicted felon?

    All kinds of cops get killed by all kinds of thugs every year in this country. Twice as many white people get shot by cops in a given year than black people. White people are routinely made the victims of police misconduct…but there’s no drama in it, which means the media typically pays little to no attention to it, and even if they do, white people tend to do pretty well at resisting the impulse to put half of their own cities and neighborhoods to the torch (but not before stealing everything they can carry) as if that’s somehow going to help.

  22. WOW. This Country is SO divided. There are injustices everywhere, wrongs being done to people daily, innocent people, and those people who act like animals as well and perhaps deserve it. Sometimes the animals, white or black or yellow or red, get on the wrong side of someone’s perceived justice, or road rage, or just a reaction because they feel threatened themselves. Peaceful demonstrations are a right, and important to bring attention to something you are passionate about, but to use that excuse for some groups to go out and destroy other peoples homes, personal property, injure others in this action and bring down the National Guard or Police or anyone licensed to control what they perceive to be mobs and escalating danger is a serious lack of judgment and self control.

  23. Wow, are you fucked up. Kanye West would disagree with you, as would many other hard working, successful black people. Hellooo Oprah.

  24. There will come a time when each and every one of you will have to answer for your decision..self included. You may can sleep with your views now..but eternity is a long time to be unsure of what awaits on the other side. May God truly have mercy on the soul of his people! I plead his blood over all wickedness because this war is no spiritual. No more black vs white..and good will prevail. It always does.

  25. David I agree with you and I feel like now is like it was when I grew up where when I was 5 years old during the time a Black had no rights. And as the Law reads all those involved in that raid should be in JAIL for Murder it don’t matter they had the wrong address, this cannot be some lame excuse how this happen or to get by with it or to try and Justify it. And if someone busted into my home at 1 am there is going to be a gun battle.
    I am a 69 year old white Pastor and I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you over this and to George Floyd, and all the others who died due to POLICE excessive force. What happen to Ahmaud Arbery was not at the hands of the Police but with someone who had worked as an investigator who thought he had the right to gun down this young man and walk away from it I SAY NO: No matter who you are GOD says thy shall NOT KILL: YES there needs to be a Change across America: Police forces across America needs to say we will no longer put up with any officer who cannot treat all the People with respect.
    Just because a person is a Police Officer does not give you the right to gun down another person

  26. This I am a cop and have the right to shot and Kill is BS NO YOU DO NOT HAVE THAT RIGHT A Police Officer Job is to Protect & Serve not some of the people but ALL THE PEOPLE

  27. It is interesting to read the comments of those above, deceived by their grotesque ignorance of the world and the immense opportunities afforded them by this country. Their utter disdain for a system that affords them a Bill of Rights, unparalleled opportunity to succeed and realize their maximum potential is breathtaking. Their desire to disrespect the country that allows them to speak out against the government openly, ignorant of the fact that such speech in Canada or the UK, or virtually anywhere else in the world is not protected and could lead to their arrest belies their ignorance of the Rights that they take for granted. Their silly assertions that capitalism is evil, that Sweden, a capitalist nation, is a socialist utopia is inexplicable. They yearn for a socialist government, somehow thinking they would have every opportunity they now enjoy with no responsibility or monetary worries. Never do they mind that such a place doesn’t exist anywhere on the planet. They belittle those who believe in God, while lamenting a lack of moral behavior of others.
    Is the United States of America’s perfect? No. No place is, but its foundational structure is unmatched in the world, and our efforts should be directed at perfecting it rather than replacing it with an inferior system.

  28. this is why we need more guns. If she was armed she would still be living today.

    Also her cat should have been armed.

  29. As a white woman I sit back and 1000% agree with you! Something’s gotta give, this world has got to change! If not for us then for our children!

  30. And since the implementation of “The Patruot Act” anyone – regardles of race, colour age, etc., can be arrested without charge and detained indefineately at a secret location, with no communication with “outside world” . This is such a “breathtaking opportunity ” that it really is no wonder that Southerners are stampeeding to take advantage. Also, if you join the “Police” you can rest assured that no proceedings will be taken no matter how gross your conduct, or vile your crime !. Yes, USA has its little problems – any barrel of apples is sure to have a few. Like those who reveal “classified” crimes of the govt., and their disgusting emails proving that they are liers, and mass murderers. These people can be given fake trials while we torture them slowly to death. In the words of our illustrious “leader”, “We lie We cheat, We steal!” He was being modest to not add Torture to the list of “opportunities ” for those willing to “improve” themselves.

  31. Floyd was Career criminal and thug! he had very serious cardiovascular health issues and foolishly had taken meth, fentanyl and was drunk! That was a lot of stress on his system, he got increasing stressed out too, first resisting being cuffed, then resisting getting in the police car and finally becoming enraged in the car. which was too much stress for his week system to take, He was only pinned down, the fact he could move his head freely and speak crystal clear proves it was not excesive pressure.
    the problem was his cardio system failing.

    in this case, the police had warrants and they do have the right to bear arms and use force is needed! Her boyfriend was clearly a nutcase and started firing first! Do you really think the police should just stand there and get shot dead! if you so you are an imbecile! she is dead because of her boyfriend.
    You are also not being honest and as a pastor much better is expected of you.
    God is all about law and order, he has placed people in authority! God is ultimately in control and we are to obey and submit to authority!
    There’s consequences for not doing so, and in 99.9% of cases these people are criminals and thugs who brought it on themselves.

    Good decent people are not getting hurt and killed by the cops… it is not a coincidence.

  32. Your just another brain washed liberal that thinks the white man is the cause of all your problems. Get a life, Read the history of the world and quit blaming others for your short cummings. No she shouldn’t have been killed and the cops were wrong. but dont put that shit on the rest of us. That’s just racist.

    1. You know it’s sad and at the same time we the people need to know and learn the these so called POLICE are nothing more than Private Mercenaries who work for the Corporate MUNICIPALITIES that have no real authority other than to them selves and we need to learn that they can only deal with fiction characters whom most people are in a lot of ways through implied contracts if you have no contract with these people by the way are Foreign to the we the people who live in the Republic states and not these CORPORATE territories created by a CORPORATION / government created for the District of Columbia not for the fifty states of the union People dis connect for the fiction and all there jurisdiction goes away then its your gun against theirs the privateers the unlawful / policy liars who claim to make laws when all it is nothing more than a policy CONTRACT people look up 22 C.F.R. section 92.12 and 92.30 they are all foreign they lost their Citizenship once they to the oath to sit in office because congress never reconvene in 1861 ten years later that’s when they created a government for the District of Columbus which ten miles square radius once they got the people to believe they are being governed then it was a rap these people in these offices are all foreign also look at Title 8 U.S.C. section 1481 do the home work one more title 22 U.S.C.section 611 these people operate from a foreign status to the people through contracts your voting your ID etc…. get your Status right then you’ll be free of these private pirates / foreign

  33. They had a search warrant. Her boyfriend shot a cop first before they opened fire. Shame on this source for not reporting what really happened. Research unbiased articles. This article is absolutely disgusting that it leaves out so much of what really happened. Media just wants a race war. Peace and love

  34. Liberia will repatriate any black people in the United States should they want to return to Africa.

    The USA may not be great, but I think you would agree it’s better than many other places.

    Let’s work together to improve this nation. One thing we could do, is legalize drugs. The only reason they are illegal is our own government is the world’s largest drug dealer, and they don’t want competition. If drugs are legalized, this will drastically reduce the cost – this will end revenue for gangs (and the blackops of the CIA and the like) and it will greatly reduce the prison population.

    Sure, we’ll still have junkies breaking into cars to steal stuff for their addiction, but $5 would buy an incredible amount of cocaine or heroin. Drugs would be as cheap as cooking spices.

    The war on drugs is just a war on the competition. Gary Webb knew and wrote about this, and he was murdered for it – by our government.

  35. Bud Sage you are totally wrong to say that black people can’t speak their truth in Canada. I can tell you for a fact that this situation would not happen in Canada and that Black People do have rights and freedoms here that Black Americans can only dream of. You have a racist president who will not stand for Black people or Hispanics telling their truth. I feel sorry for you and all Americans that you have such bias and ignorance

  36. i as a black man say America is Great , her dumb ass was part of the no knock warrant, if you blacks think America is not Great fucking leave its dumb to stay here

  37. America is the best place. Out of 350million people, you think there wont be at least one person who messes up? The issue is that people use to go about their day because they didn’t know about what happened states away. Those cities handled themselves, and if it was big enough it would make the news paper. Now, we have access to every news story from everywhere in an instant. Think about that. That is why these people in the media have control of your mind. They can feed you a story half baked and you will eat it up. I can just tell by the way you talk in conspiracies. Good luck still being of low consciousness.

  38. Well as I see it . They were poss sleeping heavy didient hear them say who they were and then broke in. And I guess when they woke up and heard them since it was dark defended them selfs till they found out it was police there.

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