Brent Gordon obituary, death: Brent Gordon Woodland Hills

Brent Gordon obituary, death: Beloved Brent Gordon of Woodland Hills has passed away.

Brent Gordon obituary, death: Brent Gordon Woodland Hills

Please say a prayer for his grieving family mourning his death as you read the tributes below:

One precious thing I’m learning as I get older…my HS “class” was its own kind of special. A class of 105 in rural PA…few moved in/out over the years.

We literally grew up together and just about everyone got along. Our senior yearbook motto was “Stand up, Stand out”.

When I think of who we were as a class (and thus who we’ve all been ‘becoming’), that awesome guy in the white jacket greatly influenced us all…in forever ways.

He always stood up and out…and inspired those around him to as well. He’s now left us way too soon…but his impact never will.

We could never forget Brent Gordon and his smile, laughter, unmatched humor, incredible intelligence, and boldness to LIVE…and we won’t.

This reunion evening in Sept he told me his slight hesitation to wear that white jacket…but he did. May we all forever choose to “wear the white jacket” in life, just like Brent.

Rest In Peace Brent…prayers especially to your family and best buddies. 💓

Brent Gordon obituary, death: Brent Gordon Woodland Hills

Rest in peace Brent Gordon. You were very loved and will be missed. Here you were being attacked by something silly and keeping us laughing as usual. What a wonderful actor and friend

May his soul rest in peace.

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