Bennett Kauffman accident: Bennett Kauffman death, obituary

Bennett Kauffman accident: Bennett Kauffman death, obituary happened November 13, 2019. He was only 19 years old.

Bennett Kauffman accident: Bennett Kauffman death, obituary

The motorcycle accident that killed Bennett Kauffman occurred October 13, 2019. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Bennett had multiple injuries including 2 collapsed lungs, fractured pelvis in multiple places, brain swelling, etc.

An update from his family a week after the crash on the 27 October read:

Bennett’s vital signs were relatively stable overnight. His blood gas level has been acceptable with the current ventilator settings.

There has been a new undesirable development. The penetration from Bennett’s previous right side chest vent tube has been allowing air to be drawn into the tissue space beneath his skin, subcutaneous emphysema.

The nurses have been adjusting the dressing on the site trying to get it to seal up. In addition to this, Bennett has significant general swelling, edema. This is due to water leaking through the veins into the surrounding tissue.

This does not appear to be a great concern to the medical professionals, however, it is very difficult for his father to see. I am also concerned that this is also happening in the brain, which cannot be a good thing.

Today we are thankful for all the medical professionals who are caring for Bennett day and night. We are thankful that his vital signs have been relatively stable.

We are praying:
That the subcutaneous emphysema does not get worse.
For further improvements in lung functionality allowing for the ventilator to be switched to a more normal breathing mode of operation.
For reduction in swelling in the brain, and general brain healing.
For trust and patience for Bennett’s father.

Thank you for your concern for Bennett and his family.

Bennett Kauffman accident: Bennett Kauffman death, obituary

Sadly, Bennett death was confirmed in a statement by Jessica Myers that read:

Oh how we hoped that God would move this mountain for Bennett on this side of Heaven. And while we are so grateful that Bennett is no longer suffering and is walking restored with his Savior, there is now a precious family in need of healing and a community heartbroken for them.

Debra and Keith have been an amazing example through all of this and have impacted more lives than they may ever know.

So please continue to pray for the Kauffman family as we know that they need the Lord to carry them through. And ask the Lord to also guide the rest of us in the best ways to support them going forward.

May lives be changed for Christ and all honor and glory be HIS.

Help us all to be focused on eternity and “Live for the line, not the dot.” Our hope is in God alone. Lord give us the strength to be able to sing “It is well with my soul”. 💗#BennettStrong #BennettInGlory

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