Eric Rosenbaum tattoo artist Norm Love Letters dead – Norm death

Eric Rosenbaum, acclaimed tattoo and street artist Norm Love Letters has died.

Rosenbaum aka Norm, who commands a global audience interested in his graffiti, tattoos and other art died October 11, 2019.

Eric Rosenbaum tattoo artist Norm Love Letters dead

Out of respect for him, his family and loved ones, Norm Love Letters cause of death is not public.

Before his death, Eric Rosenbaum, owner and artist at Will Rise Tattoo Studio in Los Angeles, was an acclaimed street and tattoo artist known around the world by and for his unique signature, ‘Norm,’ as well as the distinct arrangements and coloration of original lettering” in his tattoos and street art.

Norm cultivated a successful brand and business using the trade names “Norm” and “Norm Will Rise” for his Los Angeles-area tattoo studios. He travels the world attending conventions and special engagements, in which he creates street art and tattoos.

He also sold a line of tattoo equipment under the Norm brand.

Eric Rosenbaum tattoo artist Norm Love Letters dead – Norm death

Eric was from Baltimore. He moved to Southern California and then to the San Francisco Area where he started writing graffiti in 1998. He was around 24 when he started.

According to Eric:

”I made myself crazy trying to do [lettering] because i wanted to be the best. always. as much as i can. to the best of my abilities.”

Eric Rosenbaum tattoo artist aka Norm Love Letters death has sent shock waves in the graffiti and tattoo world. Please say a prayer for his mother, brother, family, loved ones he left behind.

May God give them the strength to bear this loss.

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